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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Note to self.
Saturday, January 30, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 2 comment/s

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those pictures are only meant to be taken with you.
xo :)

Never ever trust anyone now.*roll eyes* Psh D: he has been bugging me with all sort of goofy and cynical smile ever since he read my,i tell you.VERY annoying.what worse is he seemed to assume that I want to talk about that someone with him.

In your dreams lah.

Well,as you can see,i did some changes for my blog.Change my link.Dust off few of the blog links.The one whom I've no longer keep in touch or deleted their blog has been yeah ;] Now that I've gotten back my privacy (at least I feel more secured now) ,I shall blog freely about everything now.WUHAHA xD

I met Sue May today. *banana dance* ;D After ages of not seeing her.She's still awesome and whoah! hotter than she was before.LOL.yaay! way the go,youuuuu! :D Ahah.i miss her so much.ROTFL.XY told me that she finally resigned from her current work place.Poor thing.She suffered working there actually :/ but then,she already got a job at Kumon (with me and Ms.Lee/Cherrie ) and she's starting this Monday *bigbiggrins* :D

As much they dislike their job at the moment (XY and Yeng) ,I feel the workers there are all nice people.Mehh.I dont know.Probably I was hallucinating when I talk to them -___- Pfft.

And you know what? My colleagues (most of them) got their salary for like almost RM700-some even almost RM800 and they start working later than you think it's fair? :| Mine is not even RM600 after waiving the RM50.Pfft.Fine.maybe their working hours are more than me.Maybe.

Conclusion : I am getting myself a new job very soon.

The closing ended early today.Had everything cleaned up for the torture for those who are doing the opening tomorrow.Heee :D I saw the BUM guy *drools* ^^ he's totally bringing the sexyback.RAWR! *slaps self* :P For now,I am keeping my Kumon salary with me.just for the sake of keeping it.My dad told me not to hand it to my mum for some reason.LOL.Bad parenting skills,i know.But no worries,I wont spend a penny unless told to.Plus,I'm not used to spend thriftly.NEVER were.But tomorrow,I'm going out with my sister to buy ourself a new printer,MP3 for yours truly and a webcam.Heeee ;D

Chatted with various people today.First,it was Amira Masri.Had a deep conversation about college and other stuff :D She's taking A-Levels at Sunway University College too! :] Then,chatted with the new-found daughter,Clarrisa Choo/Leong Wee's girl :P She made me blushed by saying I always made her smile everytime she saw photos of me smiling.LOL.Thanks,girl Arif has gone HIGHed all of sudden and he had me laughing throughout the conversation.I had his head cracking figuring out the new URL for my blog.Sorry :/ Zaty was all pumped up to continue writing.Kudos to you ;D and the fagg partner,Dan made me laff as I chatted with him.LMAO.talking about scheduled

EPIC moments with these people.They absolutely made my day :)

Thank you Tirzah for this photo ;)

I put a smile on your face,right?
*points at the readers*


I am very pleased to say that I am still a blogger freak-more likely a whore now ;as quoted by yeah.I'll be bitching slapping someone sooner.maybe again *raised one eyebrow* :P

Am still thinking what to write about the brutal truth.Sorry,wifey :/

P/S : Debate is just around the corner.but why didnt I hear a thing about it from my girls? D:
PP/S : am going to reload my credit tomorrow *grins* :B
PPP/S : Private English tuition,anyone?

See ya real soon!
*waves and poofs away in blue smokes*

xo,why are you do obsessed with me?

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