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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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one night stand.
Thursday, January 7, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I do talk a lot about my friends.Deal with it.thank you.

Going back to work was great!! ;D Everything is way better than before.and yes,I do feel a lot better.Hee.Being the server of the day doesnt pressurized me that much compared during the holidays.

and guess who I met?

Brad Pitt?

Nah,that was you and me hallucinating.Hee.

I met Neil Loo!!! *bigbiggrins* :D :D :D He was A LA SALLIAN.Honorary Secretary of LSK's 07/08 Prefectorial Board :) At first it wasnt THAT obvious that it was actually him as I was entertaining a guest at that time.But then,luck on my side when he and his twin(Nicholas Loo) were kind enough to eat there.Heh.So yeah.I was kinda rushing as I wanted to be one serving them.Again,their cutleries wasnt prepared yet,so I took the opportunity to serve them.

Neil gonna think I'm a obsessive stalker if he read this.EEK.

So yeah.the conversation was short and cute,to be precise.Hee.He do recognised me as the girl who dance with Chua rather than the Bukit Kuda's Head Of Cleanliness Bureau 08/09 -.- He wasnt at the prefect gathering last year though.I remind him of it *slaps self* x)

Neil : so where are you from?
Me : Bukit Kuda.
Neil : I seems familiar.but where?
Me : Owh.I was the one who dance with Chua during last year gathering.
Neil : were we there? *asking Nicholas*
Nicholas : Nah.oh wait.she must be the girl!
Neil : *snapped finger* OH YA! she is!
Me : GIRL? what GIRL? *suspicion in the tone*
Neil : the girl who dance with Chua? *grins*

I texted Danny after that and he said that Neil just came back from Aussie.Meehh.awesomeness can? LOL. *smacks forehead* why didnt I get to know him more before? :P I'm being ridiculous and partly delusional.haha.

Chua and I,ballroom dancing.
LSK Prefects' Gathering 2009.

Eee.I miss Chua can? ):
and his sarcasm.

Moving on,Cherrie is now a teacher at Kumon.LOL.she do has the teacher look.Heh.Zhi is working at Puchong.she stays there.Duh -.- as a Kumon teacher too.Babe Tirzah passed her undang test! Congrats,babe! ;) but then,she's dying out of boredom rotting at home? Eee.Her application to serve the first batch of NS has been yeah.Get a job soon,babe! ;) Called Sanjeeva earlier.Apparentally the gaying partner (Le King) is having a BBQ partay soon.BULL.he didnt ask me.ask him that and he said yes.ftw much.I shall stab him in the chest when we meet up.

*overkill laughter* 8D

My brother just received his copy of HSK 2009 school magazine.Am happy to say that this edition is way better than the previous one :) no offense.As I was flipping through the magazine,I stumble upon photos of my friends.Eee.why so comel?!?!? *bite fingernails* :P

Sir Hanafi finally read my happy can? Dont ask me why.and he has his own blog too ;) I just found out that Christinnie is working at DeliRich after 3 weeks!! and that was only after I met Aaron Ngiam and Yong Shen.that retartded Aaron.ish -.- Toh is at Kedah right now.He's having his prayers at the moment.James is teaching at a Bible College.Awesomeness,i must say.LOL.Yen Yen is going to Taylors! Weeh! :D

Enough updates :)

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