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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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oh look!a squirrel!
Monday, February 1, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 1 comment/s

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the lies that lies beneath the truth.

Thank you,wifey
my very first tagged post for the year 2010.

write a post :
Tell me what annoy you the most ; a little something about yourself.

This would be another sarcastic post.Dont tell me I didnt warn you.

I hate when they said something but never full fill it.Like when they said sorry but they said it just for the sake of saying it.Familiar? no? This actually happened to me.and yes,I'm fully responsible for it.But hey,apologized sincerely but they just pretend that i dont exist? Oh,I'm already invisible.Oh.the galore.

you hate me,just say it.stop saying that i dont hate you or bla bla dont hate me? touching ;) so why didnt you reply my text then? TOO busy to reply my text when you ALWAYS have time to text the others?

Opss!the bummer.THE TRUTH,PLEASE? :D Just say the magic word :
Atika,we're no longer friends.Stop contacting me or whatsoever you've been trying to do.Easy right? i know! 8D

I'm already used to all this thanks to the you.Feels so shitty and disgusted with myself since I STILL want to contact you although you're totally AVOIDING obvious if you ask me.

oh sorry.Did my sarcasm hurt you?

Get over it.
and I've moved on now.

Yeah sure,you call me an idiot right now for still having faith about something that we used to have : friendship.Now we're like two different people who never knew each other D: oh well.

People who dont know me well would probably dont know that I dont really talk in Malay-my own mother tongue.Reason? I dont have much Malay friends.I'm serious.You can count the number of Malay friends I have now with your own fingers.

Mind you,I'm not being racist.

Majority of my friends are non-malays.yes,i do look up to's actually embarassing knowing that my own race is destroying this country.Haih.The crime.The drop outs.the junevils.Majorities of them are well ; malays.To those who thinks im racist for being friends with non-malays only should actually eat back their own words.Have you actually ask me personally why I dont really mingle with my own race? Let me tell you why.their slangs.their way of dressing up.and all the confusing so-called catch phrases.I think it is very annoying.VERY i tell you.and dont expect me to talk in that way.I'd rather die.


They are very predictable.seriously.Talking about un-randomness.Psh -___- If I got all hyper,please bare with me.It's in my genes to be hyperactive when I'm happy ;D My emotions are VERY unpredictable.if you see me not talking or was quiet than usual,dont hesistate to come and ask me nicely.dont come and HOI me just like that,alright? I hate it when they do that.Find it extremely annoying :/

NEVER EVER call me with names if you're not a good friend of mine.I'm serious.I literally yelled at my colleagues for calling me
lembab (sloth) when I'm dealing with the cash register.The guest was shocked as well.


Please lah.I am one of His creation too.I have feelings.Do you like people calling you lembab or stupid or any other unnecesarry/inconsiderate words out loud in public?! Only those whom they know that they are close to me can call me with names.good ones lah,right? :D and for the last time,stop asking me what am I doing when you already see that i'm doing something.It's like asking the barber to shave his hair when he's already shaving it.

Annoying much?
*glares* :|

I got extremely jealous whenever any good male friend of mine got so close with other people than me.HAH! i finally said this.No one knows...not till now :P I used to dislike some of my girl friends just because they are close to my guy friends/ the gf(s) did anything bad to the bf(s) but I learn the fact later that there's no point of doing so.Feel so childish.and I soon realise that I should never get jealous.I mean,yes,they are close with them,but that doesnt mean you're forgotten.I'll assure you that they
(the boys) wont because I've been going through this phase ALOT of time.over reacting lah.Eeee ):

I am mad about the eye candies ; Chinese guys.HAHA! :P omg.i sound like a total fagg -_- Heh.yes,I got hyped when I saw any Chinese guy/any other fair guys .maybe since I got a lot of Chinese yeah,my mentality of defining the attractive opposite sex is by looking at the skin colour.and of course ; the heart ♥
;) No.I'm not being racist,okay? -__-

let me tell you one thing ;
i so want a Chinese boyfriend *grins* :D

Fagg is defined as a bimbo ; spoiled brat.
Take note,thank you.

Calling these people to do this because I so want to know more about youuuuu ;D

-Elaine Lee
-Jas Min
-Soon Chia
-Xui Ming

Edit : those of you that have been tagged, tag you friends!! This will be so interesting! ;D And for you guys who have nothing to do,comment or tell me from the chat box! What do you think? :) Just write a post about a little something about yourself and the things that probably annoy the shit out of you.That's all.rofl.

Cheers :)

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