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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Friday, January 29, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Am currently addicted to check out my friends' Facebook profile for no yeah.stumbled upon few awesome pictures from their album (will credit them of course) LOL.Before I even posted it up here,I shall ask their permission first :) oh oh and you know what?

Toh Chun Ho finally created a Facebook account(!)

and tell me not to go hype about it,please?
*slaps self* ;D

Moving on,I am here to talk about Chookies Mokies!Oh yeah! All of you can check it out.The site is all about cookies and how you can purchase them online.Price are absolutely reasonable and it's delicious too!Try it! and dont miss it ;)

I finally got the picture of Rong Shen from Cherrie *grins* ;D It's true when Zhi said that bribery works on kids.In the form of sweets of course.I told Rong Shen to give me a kiss on the cheek if he wants one of my Ferreo Roche.rofl.and guess what? He kissed me! :P :P

Ng Rong Shen

how can you not love the boy,you tell me?

I am starting to build a great bond with my Kumon students.Which I think is very good since now I know all of them.and I can actually scold talk to them if they were too noisy.Heee.and I promised them if they behave,there will be sweets for them next week.As for now,Natasha is already in the list :D

I got my first salary from Kenny Rogers today morning.guess what? it's only around RM570+ .I dont know about you,but am quite unsatisfied with the pay :/ Oh well.Shall not rant about it.As for Kumon,I got paid for RM300 after working two days a week (for three weeks now) and around 4 hours marking the worksheets at home.Tell me which one is better? I'll let you be the judge.

So much of getting 1.3K this month *brawls* D:

Having Cherrie as my colleague is far way awesome than you can ever imagine.We've been friends for 5 years now ever since high school and yeah,she is very funny in her own way.LOL.

Guess what? I met James at Aeon Bukit Raja after Kumon.Heeee ;D


Twitter is becoming less attractive nowadays.I dont even know why did I created a twitter account in the first place.Maybe because of the fact I tweet for the sake of keeping in touch with darling Yen Yenonly :| Even she is very busy now.So time to tweet also.Pfft.I am more into Facebook now,obviously.Abandoned all my other social networking sites for good,perhaps.

On a short note,I'm going for an operation to fix my gum next Tuesday.Finger crossed lah now.Do pray that I'll survive the opreation,alrighty? :] TEEHEE.An outing for the ex-JBTs are already been plan by yours truly on February yeah.Am so looking forward for it.

I seriously need a new job.

Will post for the brutal truth soon.

Oh well.
I'm done for now.
Toodles :)

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