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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Currently checking students intake in local U and college.I am still taking Mass Communication no matter what.Well,checked a few local universities and colleges and some of them offered scholarship for the course that I want to enroll later.


But then,(yes.BIG SIGH here) most of them required credits in English,Math and...Add Maths.

Add Maths?! Screw it.Pfft.

My initial search were actually focused only on private colleges.and I came into conclusions that IF my result are good enough,I'm going to apply to Taylor or HELP.They offered scholarship,bursaries and financial aids for 2010 intake.and yes,their minimum academic eligibility are just WHAOH :P Hopefully I'll achieve good results.Hee.

Might also be going to USM/UiTM/or UNISel ;) Local universities.not that bad actually.their semesters are not that long either.Mehhh.I'm getting headache thinking about all this. *shakes head* D: I'm planning to go and consult my school's counselor soon.She knows better at things like this.I sort of forgot everything she told me about this education thingy.Eeee.forgetful,I tell you.

Thinking of going for PTPN loan.but I shall discuss that with my parents first.LOL.

If I didnt get into any universities or college (i doubt i will) ,Form 6 will be my last choice.But hopefully I dont end up in form 6 because I suffered enough doing get what I mean,right? :D

My choice now is I want to major in Journalism and minor in Broadcasting.Do you think it's possible? Hmm.and I'm taking photography class as well.

Any suggestions? :D

Oh ya.can anyone tell me how should I apply for JPS or any other corporate companies scholarship?