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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Saturday, January 2, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Today I had a good day at work.The colleagues are super nice during my work shift.owh yeah,im being choosy alright -.- blame me for feeling like an outcast at times.not my fault.*case closed* D: Sheessh.So,I was the cashier *blew horns* I did okay,I guess ;D I am just the trainee.Hello,I am still good in number,okeh? :P Kak Awien was my back up and she was observing me all the time.Thank youuuuuu!! *bearhugs* :D Until the last cash being put in the cash drawer,the total amount was around 4K.Woots! ;) Shivered the times I counted the cash again and again.Couldnt get it right.*nervous* D: Sir Roy helped me tho.phew! *wipes sweat* :D In the office,Sir Alias and I pulled a prank to get Sir Roy.It was simply hilarious! :PP

Dan Ng about the income I had on and heh.he was happy too? LOL.said that his sister would be happy.I wonder why? :P Am chatting with Dianne now.she is love alright.Heee.i cinta you a lot,okay? *winks* :D have a good year ahead! *grins* :D

Dianne Lim Zhi Chin

Today morning,I called up Bell to ask her favour to be my editor.Since Joey is busy,I wont disturb her :) So yeah,Bell is now officially my editor for my novels.The one im publishing? Thanks,chingu ;) I shall elaborate more about it soon.

I sayang you a lot,okeh?

As I mentioned earlier,I had a good day today.
Seow Wei is working at Nando's as well.yay! :D It rains on my way back,but neh,I dont really bother.LOL.

My mum has been nagging because the my only routines for the past few days were only going to work and going online.Mehh.
sorry,mummy.I shall help you :) I promise *vow* :D

Ah,I miss them already.
Have fun at NS,peeps! :D

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