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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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somewhere over the rainbow.
Friday, January 15, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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As we go on,we'll remember,
all the times we had together :]

Having a friend like Win Li is simply amazing.The reason why i love her so much that she is always there for me,no matter what.that same goes with Tirzah .Thank you.i just guess its hard for everyone to keep in contact when you're outta of school and into real life ): its so hard for me to contact anyone anymore and it feels weird to do so.its like talking without anything in common between.sigh D: the heart tells that her good friend is actually avoiding already forgotten,i guess ): Oh well.

That goes to the ever busy kawan(s) as well ):

Tirzah told me about a mass communication at IACT next Thursday and Friday.Despite the fact that I desperately want to attend it,sad that I couldnt.My financial state is at stake at the moment and yeah,transportation problem *moan* D: D: anyways, an event company hired her and she will be working starting next Monday.congrats,babe! ;Did i tell you that Hakim is so tall? For me lah.Eeee.179 cm! *raised one eyebrows* rofl.but then,he is still awesome.Heee ;]

Good luck for your undang tomorrow,alrighty? *finger crossed* ;]

The chatting with trickymazge yesterday was a complete LOL.The whole conversation was partially retarded and dumb.imagine laughing at 1 in the morning? someone might call the asylum when they saw me laughing at that time.Heh.We basically talks about so many things.from schools to action figures-even to boyfriend material.LMAO.he actually thinks i'm one of his girlfriend's imaginary friend.KMP -.- oh.and his name is Dan too xD

Awesome right? I have two oh wait-three friends with the name Dan.LOLOLOLOL :P

I have this one theory-its that all teachers/students/workers/anything a person can work as or be are terrible but all people are good.kinda like,the true inner self were not yet to be discovered.anyone can act like an arse at any point of time but it's hard to shield the fact that everyone is good at seriously helps when you think about it.Ah.stop with the cynicism,Atika.

Kumon is okay,i guess.The kids are very cunning at times.and reluctant too.but then,i dont mind because i'm already in love with all of them.naughty behaviour is never a no during at their yeah.they can be easily forgiven :D im currently attached to this 6 years old Chinese adorableeeee ;) and very smart! if you dont believe me,you can ask Cherrie.she's now my colleague *grins* :D


Please ignore our *ahem* pose.
Mine,at least.

Work is fine too.nothing much to update because i always updated you about it,right? :D im no longer pressurized,thank you so much :) Lately,I've been spending my time thinking about him.too much time wasted thinking about him.Luckily,my productivity is not affected by it.HAHA :P I almost confess to him,but i didnt. *wipes sweat* D: i dont want things to get awkward get my point,right? No? Eeee.

Each heart has pain. Some hide behind their eyes, some hide behind their smile.


P/S : Read my blog.and click the nuffnang ads,will you? :D
PP/S : do not fid about what i wrote here.please.
PPP/S : it's all about the yellow smexyness.RAWR.LOL.

Toodles :)

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