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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Tick Tock.
Monday, January 11, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Win Li texted me when I was working today.out of the blue ; asking me if I were to feel okay or not.So touching can? :D thank you,Win Li! you're a great friend*bearhugs* :) Babe Tirzah is ever supporting.Pretty boy is so understanding and so comel.TEEHEE :P Ehhh.why all my friends so comel?? *bigbiggrins* :D LOL.

Pardon me.I am so random at the moment.

Happy to say that I didnt screw up the bloody account today *cheesy smile* 8D Faez were kind enough to borrow me his DSLR for a day.Hee.thankie you! ;) Been missing Dutchboy badly for the past few weeks.Eee ): bad for health.and also my sesatness karma.ROFL.

Aaron Minjoot.Geok San.
Dutchboy.Miss Sunshine.

he is such a fine young lad,right? :D

The 182 cm (i think) tall guy is missing me too.HAHA.sorry lah.being all thick skin all of sudden :P I miss you too,Aaron! ;) Cant wait to meet up with him soon.Mehh.I am spoiling Adrian every time I chatted with him.Do take note that I know two Adrian.both also with the same from now on,the Adrian from ACS shall be known as Adrian.L and the other one (who is at Puchong) will be called Adrian,okeh? :D Fair enough.Please dont get confused,I still sayang the both of you lah.dont worry.And there surely,wont be any doppelganger in this world.Duh -.- ROFL.

I just found out that my colleagues called me seng behind my back.Eek? what does seng supposed to mean? -.- at times,i felt like they are just a group of humbug(s). On a short note,ZatyCoo is finishing my novel.and i wondered what happened to the hard copy of Poor Rich Girl that Bell was supposed to be editing now? Mehh.effin' the post service.tsk D: Managed to chat with the evil twin after such a loooooooooooooong time.He's in college now ): in Seremban *sigh* so far wei.Christopher! you take care,alright? :D

Christopher is loveeeeeeeeee.
and yes,he's the best evil twin.EVER! x)

Ah,it's getting late now.I better get some rest.Ter and I are already crapping about our tertiary studies.At least,I am. *yawns* xD haha.sorry,Ter.Hee.he's also in dilemma right now.whether taking actuarial science or mathematic accounting(or something like that) LOL.

I miss everyone ): Ah Ning! D: D: Eeek.Arif is already busy with is the others.Syaika's Korean class already commencing.*squint eyes* :D i am going soon to have a friend who is well versed in Korean! awesomeness 8D 8D

The Korean heartthrob ; Nickhun of 2PM.



I am off lullabying Adrian to bed now.ROFL.

and get myself a new stalking subject.
the previous one dumped me for NS
Pfft -.-

the tepek victim is so hyped up as well *slaps* :P

Danny Lim Jih Yang! jom keluar! ;)

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