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Monday, February 22, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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For once,I decided to post something really informative.and everyone should know about it.

Well,as all of you know,many predicted that 2012 might be the end of the world.Just MIGHT.Researchers,scientist,geeks,freaks and every normal human being on the planet have been talking about it ever since 2012 the movie was released a few months back.Frankly speaking,I do believe that the world gonna end one day but I'm hoping it's not going to be 2012.

Heck,I want to get married first! :P

Today,unintentionally,the debaters (Rasshi,Anna and Riley) and I start discussing about the end of the world.Out of the blue,the topic came out from nowhere.This topic is really informative that we start debating about it -.- Heh.Anyways,speaking about doomsday,at first Rasshi (the one with loads of information) ask us that the Chinese believes that the last zodiac in the Chinese calendar is the almighty dragon right? We just nodded.and surprisingly,a research done by a group of Chinese scholars result in the discovery that after this era's last dragon year,there will be a new rebirth of new zodiacs to represent the Chinese customs and believes.and the new rebirth and year will start back from 0001.

Guess when is this era's last dragon year?

Yeap.the last dragon year is 2012.

Creepy? Wait.there's more.Few decades back,many predicted that the doomsday will happened in 1998.But it didn't.Then they predicted again that the world is going to end in 2000.Still,nothing happened.Rasshi stated her firm stand of why the doomsday should be happening in 2012? The answer is simple.It is scientifically proven that there will be a crash collide between a large meteor and the earth in few hundreds thousands hours.and if we simplify the few hundreds thousands hours into years,it is only in...2 years from now?

*gasp* D:

The Mayan's Calendar that have been referred by our ancestors till now also end on 2012.To those who dont know,the Mayan calendar have been made as referrence by our ancestor since thousands of years ago.The predictions of this calendar is so accurate that even when they predicted the 'giant waves that will elope half of the earth' turn out to be true.Yes,I'm talking about tsunami that happened on December 26th,2004.

Back to the be even more specific,there are no more information or predictions on the wall of the caves (where they discovered by the Mayan calender in the first place) after December 21st,2012.Scary right? I know.

I'm getting goosebumps now.Seriously.

You still don't believe me? Well,you can see the proof right in front of your very eyes ; the moon.Do you notice that the moon nowadays are not in the shape of cresent anymore? I'm not talking about the full moon or anything related to it.I'M TALKING ABOUT THE SHAPE OF THE you realised that it's semi sphere and well it's not really upside down? :O go and look out from your window now.

There are research and solid fact that stated the active underwater volcano in Hawaii is going to erupt in 2012.Again 2012?! Bare with'll be seeing a lot of 2012 written in this post.and by that time,the volcano going to erupt thrice the prediction thus causing major effect to the island.even the other states and countries nearby.

Even in the Quran itself stated that the end of the world will be on Friday.and what do you know? December 21st,2012 IS Friday!! *grunts* D: Oh well.As His servant,I have to believe that doomsday is going to happen at any circumstances.No matter how fast or long does it takes :)

But then,eversince that 2012 movie came out,some people tend to change their mindset completely.Suicide cases are increasing rapidly because they themselves believes that doomsday is so near already,so why why bother living? -.- Sad to say,they probably don't use their brain well enough enough I think.

Students (some of them) are even worse.They are so indulged in believing what the movie presented and decided to drop out from school or their tertiary studies.No,I'm not joking.This seriously happened.and it is getting alarmingly worriying.Lifeless people.ish -.-

Your parents worked hard to get you to study and you can just drop out from it just because you watch a movie that only allows those who have 1 billion euros for the ticket to the ark. Lifeless -.- HAHAHA.It's like no money,no talk.I doubt any of my readers have 1 billion euros of them but who knows la right, by 2012, anything can happen hor? Reality check :D so yeah.stay in school,everyone.You deserved a better future :)

For more info,kindly go here.

After the very informative debate,the four of us start talking about our country's public transportation.The goverment might have been spulrging money at the wrong directions.I mean,why build a housing area when no one want to live? *stares* -.-" As you can see clearly with your own two eyes,there are many abandoned housing areas.the unfinished ones? countless.I agreed on Anna's opinion on the expanditure on the housing ares SHOULD be spend on upgrading our transportation system.

Have you been in the KTM before? Unpunctual.AT ALL.

Travel like I do and you'll find out why.

Don't get me started on the buses please. *shakes head* NIGHTMARE,okeh? D:

Oh well.
I said enough.
Let's discuss :)

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