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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Thursday, February 11, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I've been doing a lot of thinking lately,whether not to quit my job at Kenny Rogers or not.At the end,I've finally made up my mind.I'm really quitting my part time job there by Feb 21st.So yeah.I'm sick and tired of some of my colleagues who used me for their own goods.A bunch of assdish,i must say.All they know is to kiss my manager's ass.Sorry for the vulgarities,but it's the truth.I've been facing this problem for the past few weeks already.

The passion and excitement I used to feel when I first start working is fading by days.No offense to them lah,obviously.I tired my level best to do everything as they pleased,but yet there are always flaws in me that they tend to point out in front of everyone.

I'm serious.

Imagine I was 5 minutes late without excuse (obviously my fault) and yes,I got scolded.People were watching and I do realized that it was entirely my fault.I resume back my work with slight hesitation of continue working on that day.Psh.The next day,the other colleague of mine came late as well ; also without any excuse.She was 10 minutes late and what do you know? She got away just like that.She even got to fool around with the others ; laughing like a group of retarded hyenas -.-

Other people makes the same mistakes I did and yet,the manager only sees me doing the wrong things? So called having your own range of comfort as long it's not violating the can go and eat the protocols' manual yourself.Pfft D: I lose my patience entirely today.Wasnt in the mood of working at all after I came back from the debate.Despite the constant good news for the past few days,some shitty sides of the colleagues turn me off completely.

I shall elaborate more after I officially resigned from KRR.

Even the guests doesnt irritates me like they do.

But then,of all the things that have been happening to me at work,there's always someone there to cheer me up.She never stop smiling and constantly reminding me of the HIGHer version of myself.and yes,she cried when I told her I'm quitting ): The tears roll down her cheek without her noticing it.and by the time she lift her head up after I told her the breaking news,her eyes were red ; after crying ): I'm going to miss her so much after this.She has been the kawan baik at work,the best colleague ever and not forgotten,the gossip partner too.Heh :P

Heng Chian Ning,
Thank you so much for everything.

I'll definately going to miss you a lot after this.I'm sorry that I couldnt stay longer,being your companion during work and all the stuff that we used to do.I'm going to miss telling you how great Yap look today ; hugging you constantly ; asking how much of muffins that you already smuggled throughout the day ; talking about the boyf of yours :D I hope the best of everything that you'll do after this.I'm sure you'll eventually pave the road down to success in everything you do.

Thanks a lot,Chian ♥

Keep in touch ya? Take care :)

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