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he says,she says.
Saturday, February 20, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I was supposed to be sleeping right now,but I cant sleep D: plus,I'm an avid yeah,it has become a habit for me to go online at late hours just to update my blog and everything else.weird right? I know.My mum said if the computer were to be a living human being,it would probably die because i kept on using it and well,it's old.this computer is old already :P

Like she said ; you cannot force something new out from the old ones. you get it? NO? Me neither -.-

The Dutchboy said I'm his only friend who updated their blog so often ;] I'll take that as a compliment :D the way,I think by now,all of you should know who is Dutchboy right? Bell said he's famous because well-his name is all splattered here.TEEHEE 8D you still dont know? *hint hint* ;D I sayang him a lot tau! Just how I sayang you!! *points at readers* :)
The conversation earlier today was the longest we've ever had for the past few months.It was really fun and memorable :)

We had our ups and downs,but at the end,only true friends are always there with you.

He said I'm a great listener Thank you.If you know me well,you should know that I've often spoke less about heart felt matter.I dont know why.I take things easily.Thinking way too hard is definitely not me :] I rant,but I forgive easily.

Moving on,today is Seow Wei's last day working at Nando's.To be honest,i am a little bit sad because I wont get to see her anymore ): Her farewell party was ay blast *bigbiggrins* :D :D The Nandocas did something which definitely a memorable one :) Oh and I found out that the senior Nandocas' name is Taufiq.All this while I thought his name is Jacob -.- Jacob is his working name by the way.LOL.But yeah,he's like my other side stalking subject.I think he's cute.Ngehehe.Crap.I AM going gaga over all the guys in Aeon Bukit Raja -.-

Speaking about stalking subject,I saw Yap today *beams happily* :P He is getting more and more breathtaking everyday (if you know want I mean) HAHA! I swear,there's once I felt like jumping on him when he walked in front of me.Oh I sounds like a psychopath.Save me please! DX

Oh and I meet this really cute (seriously) guest few days back.Eeee.he so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee!! and reminds me of Arif.LOL.He was with his parents and gosh,polish English accent wei! He's from Monash sexy :D Can I have ay hot tea,please? He said.Even sexier.TEEHEE :P why so sexay wan?!! *slaps self* :O

The best part? I think he's single.LOLOLOLOLOLOL xD

Okay,cut the crap now.

I called Yen Yen yesterday and wow! she sounds like an sweet and adorable *grins at Aaron* rofl.I'm collaborating with her on doing a side project.a guide to go through high school the sane (Yen Yen) and insane (me) way.It would be,there will be photos as well :D many things to do in so little time :D

Thank you to all my loyal readers who have been reading my blog constantly :) You guys deserve a cookies ;D random xD The tertiary study courses have been decided.I'm taking Diploma in Mass Comm at UiTM Puncak Alam-March intake.but then,I have to go for interview first.and a friend of mine told me that you have to have the look in order to enroll in Mass Comm course there.

Really? Sick joke man.

So if i were not to have ze look( i doubt that i have it anyway) ,I cant enroll? Like that? Psh -.-

Oh well.Other courses that I'm planning to take are Diploma is TESL ; Diploma in Hotel Management ; Diploma in English Literacy.Heee.cant wait to go to i mean,university! ;D My colleagues and I had a long talk today.Since my last day working at KRR is this Sunday,the asked me all sort of questions about what do I want to do next.and I just answered them.

Believe it or not,I feel slightly sad to leave them.There are always pros and cons working with people.and I think I took a step ahead way too far from them that I couldnt adapt their way of working things around ): Oh well.what's done is done.I shall leave them without any,ill always come and visit them once in a while :) and Chian is coming back tomorrow! yaaaaaay! :D

This post is getting illiterate.NOT (new word!) :]

I'm currently chatting with ze evil twin.and yesh,i miss him hell lots ): he's still in Seremban.and guess how he react when I nudged him earlier?

"Chris darling! hey!"

"Atikaaaaa!! where's my chicken?! XD "

LOL! Epic lah him.Never fails to cheer me up.Christopher Leeraj,you better come down to Klang soon for the IU Days,kayy? or I'll smack you! XD HAHA.Zaty and Dianne is currently down at the moment.Poor my little angles ): Cheer up,aite? and I'm glad that Belle loves mwa short fic.Hee :] Thanks for the building comments :) and and I got to chat with Vivien too! she knows about the story between me and her brother.oh no *hides* D:

and WHO is S on Danny's blog?????
*thinks hard*
Eeeeek ):

I'm missing more and more people now :| eh Arif,why never online lah? *pouts*

I'm going to Cherrie's house tomorrow! double yaaaay! *banana dance* :D Movies and angpows! LOL.Need more updates from Veeni and Amanduuhh x) The Adrian(s) are zomg so hot!! the both of them! :D :D :D :D Debate is next week! wish us luck! ;D and im looking forward for the IU Days *grins* 8D

P/S : vote Nalini for Vice President of Taylor's Students' Council here! *waves banner*

Till then,readers.

Byeeeeeeeee ;D

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