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History makers.
Thursday, February 25, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I bet all of you heard the news already.Yesh,Bukit Kuda WON again! We're going to the third round! We made history today! *hyperventilate* HAHA ;D The bahas team also won their first round against SMAT Hishamuddin.double happiness!! x) and frankly speaking,I'm amazingly happy!! *bigbiggrins* :D Both teams actually presented a very strong cases.But,Alhamdulillah.we won :) It was a really good debate and funny too.LOL.La Salle won the second round too! :) Sorry to hear that ACS and HSK didnt make it to the third round ):

Being in KISAS for the first time really changed my total perception of that school.I mean,I used to have this mindset of what KISAS look like.Well,I guess I was wrong.The environment are indeed very peaceful and condusive for studying.

and everyone literally look at me with the look -.-

or maybe I violated their school's dress code?

Again,it is probably because of my height.Oh well.FYI,I am very proud of my height :) Pn.Priya told me that we should always appriciate what we have.LOL.Hee ;D During quarantine period,Pn.Priya,Pn.Hasliza,Rasshi and I decided to head down to their canteen.We were discussing about so many things.HAHA :p Eventually Rasshi start talking about about how she fancy Malay guy.and the topic went from guys to food and then back to guys.

I even invited the teachers to join my stalking session at Aeon Bukit Raja after the debate.

*giggles* :P

and guess what? The third debater from the goverment team (we got opposition) is...HOT :D Some of you might be thinking, 'Oh.Atika's defination of hot guy cant be trusted at all' but hey,even Riley and Rasshi agreed.LOL.and the way he presented his speech is so cute and mesmerizing *slaps self* :P and the first debater is simply amazing.Salute her for the awesome points.Rasshi start to go gaga over her that we suspected she's actually bisexual.MWAHAHA! :P

But then,like wow,she (the first debater) talks faster that the train.seriously -_-

All of us were trying to understand what she was trying to tell us.Countless frowns from the debaters and the members of the floor.I dont really know about the adjudicators tho.I did manage to get some points from her.but HECK,still so fast.rofl.So anyhoo,after the debate,as planned,all of us (excluding Fen and Rasshi) headed to Aeon Bukit Raja.

My intial plans were to stalk Yap ; eat at Secret Recipe ; eat at Nando's.But then Yap was not there when I passed by BUM Equipment retail shop ): Sad wei *sniffs* after that we headed to Secret Recipe to celebrate our victory ;D Things started to get seriously funny during the payment.Kanchana was already embarassed to death thanks to us :P

We proceed for my ortho toothbrush hunting right after that.It was hilarious.Kanchana was so funny during the hunting process.Ryanna stop by and joined us :) Then we went to Nando's to eat again.Heeeee ;] Talk and laugh like how we always do and ate :D Everyone had to go so early.Even me.

Sorry Ryanna ):

On my way back,I met Alex and his friends chilling at Starbucks.and adhektplfhldjk!! *swoon* his friend,David is so *wink wink* :P Headed back home and realised that I have not settled the details about my primary school reunion tomorrow *rolls eyes at self* -___- Texted everyone and the host started to get on my nerves.same goes to the people who kept on asking me the same thing over and over again *frowns* >:( Died on bed after I took my bath.

Oh and I'm going to go to SMK Jalan Kebun tomorrow for the second round of bahas :D Girls,you can do it!! *waves hand up in the air* :)

Waking up at 1 a.m later to finish up my Kumon worksheets.HOLY MACKEREL! I havent touch a single thing!! *rushed* D: D: D:

We made history today

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