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I smell cupcakes! :)
Tuesday, February 23, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I'm so free right now that I decided to post another one.This time about the always.Hee :] My sister actually complaint to me that I look like an Indonesian maid every time I went to school to help out the debate team -.- Eh,I do not look like one,okay? *roll eyes* D: It's just that I was rushing today that I just grabbed everything I saw.Sorry yeah.TEEHEE 8D She must be embarrassed to death.LOL.Have to admit,I did look very messy today.Eek ):

Texted babe Tirzah as usual.She was slightly angry at me because I can't move forward.YET.I'm sorry ): I'll try harder next time.The debaters are undeniably busy.Same goes to Arif.I got mad at him because he didn't reply my text most the time.HAHA! so childish,i know -.- It's okay now.I got to chat with him just now.More than happier xD *jump excitedly* For the second round,Bukit Kuda is going against yeah.From what I've heard,KISAS is one of the top 20 debate teams amongst the school in Klang.

So yeah.They have the reputations.but no worries,the debaters of Bukit Kuda are going to make our alma mater proud once again :D

The best part? we're going to Nando's after the debate.Win or lose,NANDO'S!!HERE WE COMEEE!! :D :D

The cupcakes I ordered from Ching is arriving tomorrow! ;D *banana dance* This time I tried her strawberry cupcakes with chocolate icing :) latest cupcakes on sale at Chookies Mookies.without the jelly beans first.Mini going to be awesome,i bet.just like the previous one ;] so excited.Heh.

The cupcakes are actually for the reunion this Thursday.yours truly is the organizer.So yeah.Half of the class is coming.and we're celebrating Wei Jun's belated 18th as i a good friend or what? *drowned in my own be hiao ba ness* HAHA! :P

I just got my two weeks salary at Kumon.How much you may ask? RM305 ;D It's very satisfying because I only work for 58 hours throughout the weeks.LOL.Kumon's working hours today are sibeh sien.I am so sleepy that I eventually fall asleep for 20 minutes.Too tired :/

I'm going to use the salary to go out with my darlings ♥ Weeh! :) The Law siblings (Nicholas and Natasha) are still wondering when is the boy coming to pay a cute :3 I'm going out to Sunway Lagoon,Sunway Pyramid and also outing with ze besties *beams happily* ;D

The total number of cats in my house are NINE now.Mimi (the oldest/taiko) cat just gave birth to two new kittens few days ago.and they are adorable :) One with blue eyes and another one with hazel eyes.IT IS REALLY BEAUTIFUL! :D I think imma in love.again ;D

I chatted with Chian just now and well,she finally uploaded the pictures during our outing two weeks ago.Heh.Oh,Sam,you are such a lucky guy! :P Chatted with Bell as well.She told me that she have a surprise awaits for me at her blog.I straight away smiled and glowed after seeing it.


A prologue to my novel ; Poor Rich Girl.
*screams* awesome right?

Thank you,chingu.
I cinta you a lot *big hugs*

She made my day today :)


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