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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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the irony.
Thursday, February 18, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Together,we made a really cute picture :)

This post is dedicated to Belle.
Thank you for the inspiration ;D

The boy quickly switch on his Macbook and search for his virtual buddy,Applefreshie89.It has been weeks since they last chat online through the game of Better Life.The game which started as a hobby to fill up his past time becomes an addiction ever since this virtual buddy of his helped him out in one of the task in the game.

and AppleFreshie89 is a girl.

She is not just a virtual buddy,she's someone he can actually talk with about his problem ; seeking advice and companion.Despite the constant nagging from his mother and heaps of homeworks,he often find time to go online and to chat with her.The irony.and today,after weeks of waiting Applefreshie89 is online.He was so excited that he thought of tapping himself doing his very own 'Obsessed' dance.

or maybe not.

He click on her name and start chatting.The conversation which start about Better Life leads to more reality-related.He began to ask her about her details indirectly.What a small world when the boy found out that that the girl is attending the same high school as he is.He smiled happily and took the courage to ask her whether is it okay if they meet up one day.Somehow,he thinks that he is in love with the girl.

A lot of things lingers in his mind.Could she be someone he expected to be? He ponders.Right after he asked her,she went offline.all of sudden.He was surprised and disappointed ): Slowly,he turned off his Macbook and hit the bed ; still wondering who she really is.The next day,he woke up and went to school as usual.

The boy is a loner in school.He didnt talk much nor he associates with people.His best friends are books and computer.From far,he saw a group of girls laughing near the corridor.Everyone knew it was the clique of the popular girls.Deep down,the boy hopes to speak to them one day for no apparent reason.They seems to be really interesting to be friend with,he murmured in silence.

One of girl look at him all of sudden.He immediately blushed,look down and proceed to the respective class as the bell already rang.He sat next to his good friend.and the funny and weird conversations started once again.When the class is commencing,a girl came in suddenly in a hurry.The girl whom they labelled as the latecomer ; the weirdo ; the geeks and all sort of unpleasant nicknames.

Suddenly something triggered his mind.

Could the girl be Applefreshie89?

Everything started to form into pictures.Her poor attendance; her lacks of attention in class ; her mountains of unfinished homeworks.All that probably happened because of her addiction of online gaming.It came into conclusion that the girl IS Applefreshie89.Well,the boy sure ,without any doubt,assumed something that is not even assured or proven to be true.

The whole day seems so slow to him.Being the shy form of himself,he did not say anything to the girl and went back home with butterfly in his stomach.'I've found you',he said,all jittery in the inside.The next day,he waited for the girl.The girl said nothing still whether she agreed of meeting him.But then,this time,he hope that she will get to see him.Hoping that she wont be late this time (because last night she promised him she wont) ,the boy waited anxiously at the corner.

It was after 5 minutes when she showed up,looking as normal as she is everyday.He's feeling rather excited at the moment.'There you are.surprise surprise' ,he chuckled.He walked slowly and gently to the girl who is at her locker.It took all his courage to do such thing.He himself is bewildered of his capability to overcome his shyness just because of one person ; Applefreshie89.

As he walked,suddenly he accidentally bumped into one of his classmate (the one he noticed looking at him yesterday) and well,all her files and paperworks went flying everywhere.

"Sorry" he said shyly,admitting his clumsiness.

"It's okay" the girl who is in red today answered.

and he saw it.

Their conversations.printed on her paper.

He looked at her,surprised and ask,"you're Applefreshie89?!"

A smile flickered across her face :)

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