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Just because I didnt say anything,
Thursday, February 4, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 1 comment/s

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that doesn't mean I dont have a thing for you

Blogging again.yes,bloggie.I miss you too.Things have been well for the past two days.nothing much to describe but I'm gaining my consciousness back to reality :) I'm too tired at the moment,but ill just update this blog for the sake of updating.

Please bare with me,okeh? ;D

I finally bought two handbags with my own salary.TEEHEE :P were really cheap but very usable.Now I can go out without worriying where should i put my stuffs at :D Zee Yeng and Xin Yi finally resign from Nando's.and as for me,I think I'll just bare with the people at my current work place.I work there to earn more money obviously and also making new friends :) and the B.U.M guy real name is actually Yap and NOT Iyvonee as told last time.Screw Xiang for giving me the wrong info -__- but has been a while since I last saw him.Kinda miss him actually :|


Meet up with Kim for the first time.Weeeh! :) She is so pretty in person! :D We got to chat for a while before one of my colleagues cut me off for talking too much to her.Pfft.rude much? D: Babe Tirzah is hating her current work.Pity her have to stay stagnant doing nothing for 9 hours everyday.Screw the supervisor -_- Saw Sir Faiz today when I went to KRR *swoon* 8D He's hot can? Very the hot deh.Hee ;D

On a random note,I finally got the cupcakes that I ordered from Su Ching last week.and let me tell you one thing : it's HEAVEN when you ate it!! :D :D :D I ordered crackles cupcakes from Chookies Mookies and weeh! I am lovin' it! *drools* :D

you can visit chookies mookies now ;)

I so want more of it! :D

I paid a visit to the alma mater today.Gave Pn.Chong her Kenny Rogers' quarter meal for her birthday present from yours truly :D Discussed with Pn.Priya about debate team.Found someone to help out but at the end,he couldnt make it ): so yeah.was really disappointed if you ask me.but there's nothing i can do about it :/ him up but yeah,you know.Cannot make it.I'm not blaming him or anything.He's very busy.cant commit to it :)

Stalk the people around ; my former juniors,teachers and even the janitors.Heh :D still welcoming as well.A lot still thought that I'm one of them since I'm petite and all.I'll just play along lah when they ask me any questions :P

Ah,I still think that I left my souls at school.I cant even get hyped up like I used too!!! *pouts* D:
Got nag when I got back home because I was 30 minutes late ;D Heee.sorry mummy *smiles like a good girl* :D

I am joining the September's BRATs camp :) am so excited for it.need more money to be saved then.yaaaay BRATs! :] Might be joining other activities as well.TEEHEE ;] Toh is now officially at college student.enjoying himself studying Cambridge A levels at Taylor Subang Jaya.Good for you,Toh :)

Call up the pretty boy.well,he sounds so different than last time.I wonder why? Perhaps he's too tired,I guess.My fault for calling him at such late hours.Felt extremely guilty after I hung up the phone.Sorry ): Will apologize again later.

P/S : Irene kena bomb kaw-kaw with me ;D HAHA!
PP/S : I need to lose weight! Fast! now I'm having a beer belly ftw.
PPP/S : Going for a dental surgery again tmr! :D

Byeeeeeeeeeee! ;D

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