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Friday, February 12, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Feeling rather excited at the moment.

Like I said before,the stalking subject are back from NS for CNY break *banana dance* and I am chatting with him at the moment.Eheh *grins* 8D Almost everyone told me that he's back from NS. I wonder why *weird stares* -.- So yeah.he's bald and buff as proclaimed by someone.LOL.As much as I want to irritate him like I used too,I cant because he bomb me with kaw-kaw entirely.The whole conversation was a complete LOL,i must say.and yesh,he said I TTM (tak tahu malu) -.- Psh.still evil.I wish I can shot him with M-16 xD

*browse through Ryan Chua's Facebook profile* Want to see his picture? *scroll down* Oh wait.he's going to kill me for sure if I post it up here.But yeah,he look funny :P Heh :) Anyways,Chua,I'm glad we got to chat and update each other.and thank you for the time you spent chatting with me (inside jokes) LOL.and yes,I'm going to smack you soon! (as if) *bigbiggrins* :D

The new stalking subject : Yap is looking smoking hot as usual.RAWR!! and he smiled at me again today *dies* :D :D I want to take a photo with him soon! ;D was really tiring at work i got to deal with the colleagues.Babe Tirzah and Dan Ng said I should take a break.Perhaps I will.I already hand in my one week notice of resignation.So yeah.HECK,I dont care what are they going to say now.I need to get out from thereeeee! Pronto! D:

Hang out ; accompanied Hanna after work.She's such a to chat awhile before she resume back working.oh oh.and I saw Sir Faiz! ;] *slaps self* xD I'm going out alone tomorrow.Meeting up with XY at Klang Parade.yaaay! ;D and helped Kak Farah to buy her a bag like mine.TEEHEE :P

Saw Nalini with her friends during work.I miss her ): She's studying at Taylor's now.Taking SAM as well.Naliniiiiii! let's go out,sayang! ;D Haha.Chatted with Belle,Veeni and Nalini at the same time.Sorry,girls.I dont really get to reply your MSN :/ Feel so bad.Eeek.The chatting vibes just go down the drain after Arif ditched me and went offline. -__________- GREAT.

I am losing the blogging mojo actually.
I dont really know what to blog nowadays.
Like seriously -.-

A ya.great news to tell.I'm working on CNY's eve and on the first day of CNY itself.Screw it! Pfft.I'm going to be dead by the time I got back home.Psh.Lately,I've been having this really weird dream.Dont ask me what were it about :| After CNY,I'll be getting the soft copy of my novels from both of my editor.I'm so looking forward to read it! :D

Okay,I was supposed to be sleeping now,but ill continue updating everything that I can actually remember.Well,what else? Hmmm *scratch head* AHA! I just bought myself a Timberland's purse.and it only cost me RM10.HAHAHAHHAHA! Fake one lah,obviously.Bought it at the pasar malam today.rofl.

I'm going to Cherrie's house soon.WULALALA! and we're going to watch Slumdog's Millionaires and Friends.Heeee ;D

P/S : I know I've promised to blog often. I'm so sorry, I've been slacking a lot. Like really A LOT. But promise, a lot of updates and pictures soon.

If I could turn back time to patch things up, I really would.

I miss you girls :(


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