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A night of mayhem (!)
Friday, February 26, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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6 Gigih ; 2004.

I had a great reunion time with my old primary school buddies yesterday.It was seriously fun and well,FUN! :) I headed straight to the host ; Le King (gay partner) house right after Kumon.As promised,I arrived earlier since I want to help out to do what's necessary :) I'm such a good organizer.HEE :P Around 8 pm,more and more of the primary school classmates came.

First it was Luqman.He seemed to be a little bit shy,I think.His gaying partner,Sanjeeva came a little while later.I'm telling you,seriously.that two guys are like so gay -.- The two of them ditched us and went gaying/buying ice for the drinks.LOL.Then,the camera owner ; Syakila came :D I was like yaaaaay! ;) and yesh,she is hot and very pretty *fan self* x)

We didnt do anything much at first.So I decided to fry the egg on the BBQ set.Only they know how bad I am at cooking :3 Tried to flip the egg,who knows it end up landing on the pan again ,looking so -__________- The BBQ went pretty well after the guys and the girls decided to switch roll.The guys went hogging the BBQ set while we,the girls sat down and chatted.LOL.
Wei Jun came later.M'ch and Ashley start calling him lady killer *bigbiggrins* :P Yoges,who is so thick skin about himself got ditched by Sanjeeva on the way to the gay partner's house.HAHA! :P We started to chill at the table and well,start reminiscing the old memories.About how childish we used to be ; how short we are (M'ch) ; how agreesive and less perverted and so much more.It was a really fun reunion.

I mean,we've grown up so much over the past years,yet we'll never ever forget each other :) Jas Min called me after that asking what should she be buying.Since the gay partner havent come back,I told her to buy ice bags ;D Then the gay partner expected,they didnt buy any ice.instead,Luqman told us that they were indeed gaying.


Waited for the 2004 batch's class monitor ; Adwin to show up since he was at his mum's birthday yeah.The lidi ; Aaron also show up the last minute.The conversation started with the old primary school memories to the more PG13 stuff.Yoges start it first -__- Noob.He planted the seed in my brain.Like WTHeck,he call girls-chic and all sort of ghetto accent.LAME.

Anyhoo,like I said earlier,Syakila brought her DSLR.and she should know how much I love her DSLR.TEEHEE 8D I took a lot of random pictures.Just about everything.Even Tommy (Le King's dog) :D The more perverted conversation started.This Yoges start telling us how cute *vomits* people think he is.He really gives me the chills -.- Then,it was the BJ ; chic ; and zomg.TOO MUCH *sealed mouth* but heh,we really enjoyed talking about everything.

Wei Jun was complaining that someone might have stole his primary school memories inside his brain.because he can remember any.Aww *pat Wei Jun's head* We were LOL-ing the whole time until Le King told us that his mum will kill him after the party.why? well,something happened :P Shall not elaborate further about that.

The food were amazingly nice and delicious.With exception of Le King's BBQ chicken (inside joke) Heh.I love the chicken and my favourite had to be Wei Jun's egg sandwich (L) :) So nice!! ;D We start camwhoring after the eating part.Ash and Wei Jun became the funny! :D :D :D Le Roy were kind enough to help us to snap some pictures.Thank you! :) We took a lot of weird poses of pictures with Luqman's camera.

and well,all of them want to be a pimp *laughshard* XD Venemously attractive photographs,i must say.and i love it all! ;D Adwin and Aaron finally came.They thought me all the weird signs -.- took more pictures with them.and recorded a very retarded video at 12 a.m.Yours truly was the host in the video by the way.Hee :D I only managed to get some of the photos for yeah,enjoy :)

Thank you,Syakila Sani

This is how excited Yoges were when he was talking about this chic he met.

clockwise : Wei Jun.Syakila.Atika.Ashley.M'ch.

The happy bunnies!!! (especially Wei Jun)

From left : Ash.M'ch.Jas Min.Syakila.

The pretty girls ;)

Group photo #1.

The host refused to take anymore photo -.-

Someone got molested (!)

The reunion was indeed ay blast.Though some cant make it,but it's okay.There will be more and more reunion after this :] and I'm their unofficial organizer.Next party will be at Syakila's house maybe.Pool party!!! :) Headed home around 12.30 in the morning.Exhausted -___-

This is how I felt the whole night.

I'm so gay! :)

P/S : Outing with Hakim today!! :D

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