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red note i tell you.
Tuesday, February 16, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Before I start today's post ;

*waves happily*

I know she would be reading this,so yeah.HAHA! :P Okay.,proper updates now.

Today as planned,I went to Jesson Goh's house for his birthday party after workDespite that I'm all tired and soaking in sweat .Brought the birthday boy a quarter meal as his birthday present as promised :D Get out from the house and got lost on the way there.I'm telling you,Jesson is very bad at giving directions *stares at Jesson* LOL.Not descriptive enough.Psh.Anyhoo,thanks to my dad's map skills,we did managed to find his house.

and ZOMG.

Little did I know that I would be the only Malay there.and his only friend -.- His relatives were like whao-ing when I set my foot at the gate.Again, I *stares at Jesson* walked in smiling sheepishly.Although they do not know that I understand Hokkien,but yeah,they actually thought I'm Jesson's girlfriend.Jesson's brother,Steven is super is his friends.AHAHA.very comel ;D

I do realise when Jesson's relatives came into the house,they will look at me,look at Jesson and then laughed as they went into the house.

Eeek D:

I was like '......' with a big huge question mark and still staring at Jesson. can stop laughing now.

Eh,seriously,stop laughing lah.


Anyways,it was really awkward at first.I was only sitting on the chair and hugged the balang kuih (inside jokes :P) till the happy pills ♥ showed up.Dan Ng! *beams happily* He wear pink t-shirt by the way.TEEHEE 8D Jesson told me that the stalking subject was supposed to come,but he got dinner to attend too.BUMMER -.-

Overall,the party was fine.I met with a few of Steven and Cindy's friends.A the way,Cindy is so pretty in person :D Like Syakila said when someone is so attractive,we say me loike :P and *cough* she and Dan ;] was basically eating and chatting session.Dan Ng told me that Yun Ming is flying to Newcastle this Thursday.and I dont think I can see him for the last time :| Haih.Sad right? I know.

Jesson's dad was very in,he kept on asking me to eat altho im already full at that time.Jesson also.rofl.Bapak borek anak rintik,kan? HAHA! and I found out that Jesson and Ben Zhi are related.I was like 'WHAT?!' LOL.No wonder Jesson look familiar.come to think about it,he does look like Ben Zhi.and stop with the Chua and me joke,can? -.- My juniors are already bugging me wanting to know who is this Chua.tsk tsk.

The so-called secret are on sale for RM1 by Jesson (!)

*smacks Jesson and Ben Zhi* :P

So yeah.Ate like a pig at his house (im lying lah,obviously) LOL.But I do ate some food at his house.The best had to be Cindy's very own chocolate fudge.Heee ;D Fattening but HECK,so nice.Too bad i didnt eat much.My loss.Eeee ): Went back home,and here I am.blogging.

Oh and by the way,I got a red note for my angpow from Mr.Goh ;]

Not a very long post,I know.Sorry ah.At least by attending the party,I got to get out from the house.TEEHEE 8D Thank you Jesson for the invite ;) I hope i didnt embarass you or anything.rofl.

a year older and wiser :)


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