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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Rewind please.
Monday, February 15, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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One may ask , 'How did you spent your day today?'

and I shall answered back by telling them ;

'I spent my day today cleaning up my colleagues ' mess and facing the ugly truth about working life'

Psh.I shall not blog today telling all of you about how bad my work has become lately.Let's skip the dramatic tales,shall we? :D I am currently in a very good mood now after chatting with few of my friends :) Thank you,guys.Am busy downloading songs at the moment.But i guess ill spare some times to blog as well :]

so yeah.For the past few days,the guests that came and dine in KRR have never fails to cheer me up.Yeah,it's the other way round for me.The building feedbacks from the guests often put a smile on my face ; even calming me down after facing the idiocy of some of my colleagues.Pfft.Glad that I've resigned.Feb 21st!! :D The corny former manager would never get the chance to stalk my blog at all as now I am indeed very particular of those who have my blog links.

The existance of this blog are not completely open to be read to public.
Thank you.

I have been indulging my past time listening to my MP3 while I'm doing anything.Salary for the month are yet to be collected.So yeah.I'm dead broke by the way :| Texted the pretty boy and babe Tirzah almost everyday :) The bonding is getting better everyday.Someone claimed that I'm greedy because I want him to share his angpow money with him.Heee :P cant help it.I am somehow in festive mood all of sudden.Heh.

Dutchboy is not feeling well at the moment.Take care,aite? :D Texted a lot of people during CNY's eve.Contacted those who are long to be gone.Weeh! :) HAPPY CNY to all! ;D Today was supposed to be Adrian Leong's birthday according to the Chinese calendar.Happy birthday,you! ;] I dont think ill never get tired wishing him happy birthday.LOL.but yeah,he owed me something also. *bigbigrins* Heh :D

I'm going to wish him happy birthday again on Feb 17th together with Wei Jun and Alvin.HAHA! :D This time with photos! Stay tuned,alright? ;] The Single Awareness Day are officially over as well.rofl.Meet up with Tirzah and the clique.and zomg! Vee Thin is smoking hot now! 8D I'm not lying.Too bad I didnt take any photo with her earlier D:

Aha.time to reply all the messages now =)
Ying Su Vien! jom keluar! ;D

*yawns* time to hit the bed.
Good nights.


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