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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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She bangs.
Monday, February 8, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Taken from her :)

It wont be same after this.Thankyouverymuch.

Have you ever misunderstand something/somebody when you communicate? I believe that there’s always misunderstanding between everyone, by the way we speak, our tone, our words and meaning. Perhaps, situation is one of the causes too. Besides that, different people with different perspective towards something does cause misunderstand happens.

To lose something because of misunderstand, do you think it’s worth it? I seriously don’t think it’s worth it but sometimes, human’s egoistic made them to lose something that they shouldn’t lose it as well as stubborn-ness. And yeah, something happened that made me lose someone I love/adore so much that nobody could replace.

We’ll never come up with an agreement, even for a small matter (jealousy or misunderstanding) we’ll never have a solution, maybe yes but it took so long to solve it. Why? Because of the stubborn-ness and egoistic lied in both of us. I remember that tolerance and trust are important yet both of it destroyed by us. You know how low my tolerance and how patient you can be but it’s always because of jealousy and not telling each other things that we should caused all this problems. Don’t you think it’s silly? I realized it is.

Furthermore, not only in relationship but friendship. If you’re my close friend, you of all people should know that how important a friend to me but up to this point I reckon it shouldn’t be this way anymore. Losing some of them to know the true one are the point in my mind. People often misquoted the things I said all the time.I hate all the talk-whisper-talk thingy in front of everyone when we call each other as best friends. My definition of best friends don’t include hiding stuff or talk-whisper-talk in front of us. It will definitely not in my definition of best friends.

I understand that sometimes you think that something of yours shouldn’t tell us but hey, if you guys feel that it’s inconvenient to tell then don’t have the talk-whisper-talk thingy in front of the others, don’t you think we’ll somehow ‘terasa’ ? Or we’ll misunderstand about it. Not to say that we’re saying you guys were talking bad about us or anything, just imagine if you’re in our position, don’t you feel left out? Think about it.

To conclude, I feel so much better letting all out. After all, you still have your own perspective towards everything, it doesn’t matter on how things flow in Again, at the end of the day everything’s your choice.

Insecurities are disgusting. Fears are lame.
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