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smooth day,i must say.
Tuesday, February 2, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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My former class teacher ; Puan Chong Puy Theng celebrated her birthday today.
Was so happy that I got to wish her personally although it's via text message.


*airhugs* :D

the ever adorable teacher

Like I told you in my previous post,i attended a financial seminar today.and it was VERY informative indeed :) Gained a lot of useful information about financial planning.It was very blurry at first,but after some discussion with Aaron,Chris and Mr.Minjoot,I finally get the ideas of it ;D very interesting i tell those who miss it,you sure lose something.Am so telling my friends about it.and if my parents gave me the green light,I might be investing on my own life insurance starting next month.Heee ;D

Talking about a very good financial planning :) RM100 per month first?

Came too early as told by someone (Aaron) so yeah.HAHA.Out of boredom,I decided to count the number of cars that passed by Tesco Klang.Yes,I am that bored.LOL.

A group of strangers came to me and ask me whether I want to come along with them or not.I refused of course.They mumbled something (which I dont know) and just flee off.Weird but I'm grateful that nothing happen to me :| Did not tell the guys about it as I did not want to make any big issue about it :)

Let me tell you something ; the drivers there are super fast.and bloody scary.Psh.Can die just by looking at the way they drive -_- After the seminar,Aaron,Chris and I lepak and chit chat for a while before we headed downstairs to have our lunch at mamak.Had a very interesting conversations.almost about everything.LOL.cant believe i actually ate 2 roti not that hungry also,okeh? Blegh.

Oh well.Fat people are happy people,right? TEEHEE :P

Continued the seminar after Mr.Minjoot (Daddy Minjoot) came to know a lot moreeeeee.gain more and more knowlegde *grins* 8D Very good for my brain lah.So so much to tell everyone about it after i got back home.yaaaay financial planning! ;)

Thank you Aaron for calling me up to join the seminar.
*bows* :B

Okay,let's put in some random thoughts in this post,shall we?

Daddy Minjoot actually look like John Travolta.Seriously.Meaning,he's very good-looking in person,of course :) Cannot stop looking at him.very joyful also.Hee.Aaron is still tall.and normal-as in the normal him.Happy that he's enjoying what he's doing now at the moment :) Chris is a computer-addict.way worse than anyone I've ever :P funny guy.Currently doing private tuitions at Shah Alam ;D Really enjoy talking with them although got sesated with all their bro-codes convo.rofl.

After the seminar,I headed to the clinic to have my dental appointment.Was expecting a surgery regarding my gum.At the end,I just had an upper jaw surgery.a minor one.Feels so weird after removing the braces that has been holding my upper jaw gum inside.

I dont know what does it call.So yeah -_-

Am going to apply to Nando's tomorrow.Hopefully they'll hire me.Would love to work there :) CNY is coming and so is Valentine's Day ♥ .LOL.Random thoughts.HAHA.The friends who went to NS are coming back in two weeks,the stalking subject might be coming back too.Awesomeness! ;D I miss irritating him with the lame jokes.rofl.

I am dateless,obviously.unless someone ask me out :P

I want to do some catching up with the pretty boy :)
Till then.X

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