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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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....still a little bit more than before
Wednesday, February 10, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 2 comment/s

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Say peace,no war.

Yours truly has been helping out her former school debate team :) I'm happy to say that I'm still able to contribute something to the school.After a few weeks of hardship for the fellow debaters,today was the day they have been waiting for.It was very nerve wrecking for me although i'm not the one debating.Psh.I felt like I got elephant flying in my stomach *exxageration* LOL :D

It was really stern and tense throughout during the debating session.Both teams represented a very strong case.But at the end,it was a very good news for all of us that SMK(P) Bukit Kuda won the case!! TEEHEE :P Dont ask how did we react.Too happy! Heh :P Kudos to the debate team members for all their hard work and determination ;D

:D :D

LSK also won the first round.Hee.Okay,that's the only teams I knew that won the first round.Will find out more later :)

I'll continue helping them as requested by Puan Shuhara.Always there to serve the school :) FYI,I'm helping out the Bahas team as well.I'm indeed very happy when I'm at school.I SCHOOL.the ever-welcoming treatment from everyone makes me feel that I never left school in the first place.The irony :) I am also joining this year's prefects' camp which is going to be held in Dusun Eco Resort in Pahang ;D ;D

Oh well.I'm happy while it last :|

Moving on,Ms.Tan (the instructor) said that I've been pampering the Kumon students too much.Eee D: sorry,Ms.Tan :/ LOL.cant hep it.I cant be really strict with them.They are wayy too cuteeee *stares* :P Never mind then.I shall not be adorablelized by their cuteness next time.Heee :] On Monday.Cherrie,XY and I had a very good time conversing and chatting about everything.Heart to heart conversation up to the topic of this very irritating guy.I think he have this mind set where he thinks that I desperately want to be his friend.and he expect me to be jealous when he told me about his date with a pretty girl.I was like 'WTHECK?!' *roll eyes* Pfft.He's so lameee,i tell you -.-

You can say I'm officially a part-time stalker of Yap : the BUM guy :) Only Chian knows how excited I am when he actually smiled back at me.I *dies* :D and guess what? He cut his smoking hot hairr!!! *squel* Sorry lah.fangirl of someone unknown moment.Heh.But first,I was really sure that he doesnt know about my existance.Even if he does,he is sure good at pretending -.- but yesterday proved my assumption wrong.Haha! and no,I'm NOT obsessed with him.I just think he's mysterious.ROFL.he totally made my day by smiling back at me *dies again* :D :D :D He's so PANAS wei! and with his new hair cut,he doesnt look like he's 25 years old at all! *swoon* XD

Sir Faiz is sooooo comel! :D He's even cuter when he wear his frameless specs!!! TEEHEE :P Yeng said I'm going gaga over all the guys I saw in Jusco.Hehe.Maybe I am *grins* 8D XY told me that Anas is in a band.He can actually sing.I am indeed fond of those who can sing and play musical instrument especially guitar.The Nandocas are absolutely very friendly :) Funny as well.while the Roasters,erm well...just normal? =.= The only reason I stay at KRR is because of Chian and the new friends I've made as I work there.But then,up till now,I'm still clueless bout their name -.- I called everyone 'you' LOLOLOLOL xD we can always make new friends right? :D

As all of you are aware about,CNY and Valentine's Day is approaching.and no,I dont plan to go anywhere this year.I think this year's celebration would rather be dull and quiet.Why? Because I'm not going out unless invited.So much of every-year-must-come invite.Psh.and I think I've been blacklisted from the guest list.LOL xD oh well.back working,I guess.Hopefully I wont be working at night during CNY's eve or on CNY itself.I'll suffer for sureeeee! *rolls eyes* D:

Texted babe Tirzah.She's so addicted with overdose usage of exclamation marks nowadays.Like WTHECK?! AHAH! :P Adrian is celebrating his birthday soon.Together with Alvin and Wei Jun's birthday :) Feb yeah.I wished Adrian's early,but HECK,I'm talking about Adrian Leong here! Heee.Happy ALMOST birthday,you! ;D


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