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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 2 comment/s

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I just made a LiveJournal account :D No particular reason.Just felt like having one.Heh.Besides,I want to keep in touch with amiramasri ;D

Nom nom nom ;]

Anyhow,I chatted with babe Tirzah the whole day today before I went to work.It was fun and well, dont want to know what do we always talk about.SERIOUSLY :P Chat a little while with Arif and Dianne.Miss the two angels a lot :) By the way,did you realised something different at my blog? Did you?! Heeeee :] Yeah,i tidied up the links because Tirzah complaint to me and she told me that her eyes went all around looking at my blog links .ROFL -.- so does look better now tho.Thanks babe! ;D

I like it longer! *bigbiggrins*

Eh.I'm talking about the blog links,okay? you perv -.-

I met Wei Jun today.for the first time today after FIVE YEARS!!! *jumped excitedly* :D :D :D :D He was undeniable surprised to see me to be at the same height as five years ago -.- Eh.I DO grow up kayy? 2 cm lah.But still,I'm 2 cm taller compared to last time!! *show serious face* >:| LOL.his uncle (yes,he was with his uncle at that time and i served his uncle earlier at KRR) quoted ; you everyday must jump jump okay? *start jumping infront of me* .He is so funny.and i cant stop laughing after that.My colleagues gave me that look.But I dont really bother.Heh.Wei Jun even patted me and said 'WOW.YOU IS.....COMEL' and grins.Yours truly was like 'say what?' HAHA :D The retard moments coming back *grins* 8D

*banana dance* Yap is coming back from his CNY day off tomorrow!! *beams happily* Me want to stalk him even moreeee! Heee ;] and my friend always told me that they never see any guy working at BUM Equipment retail shop.There is! Probably Yap was not there went they passed by the shop.TEEHEE.One of the senior Nandocas is working at Nando's for about a week already.and let me tell you one thing ; he look like Stephen Chow who is stuck in Bruce Lee's body.SERIOUS! He's very funny but his look scares the pants out of me :/

Sir Faiz is still looking good.
and Sir Nashmie is always funny with his bimbotic English accent.

Truthfully,I think I'm closer to the Nandocas compared to the Roasters :O


The grandmaster sifu quoted ; you can know EVERTHING about Atika once you read her blog.Cindy! you stalker! :P Nevermind.I like good stalker(s) :D I sayang you all.Yeah lah.As if I dont know that there are some of my other friends who are reading this blog and never once want to spam.Right,Irene? *squint eyes* LOL! Irene,i miss you! ):

Dutchboy's fever seems to be getting worse? It sounds like he's having a real high fever at the moment after reading his blog :| I'm worried.REALLY WORRIED.Shall text him later.I'll update more about him soon,aite? :] The stalking subject went back serving NS today.Psh.I didnt even get to irritate him for the last time *roll eyes* D: oh well.See you in few weeks time,then! *waves* 8D

I think I misplaced my Kumon working hours book.Oh no.That book is very important to me.Hopefully I left it at the center *prays hard* Cant wait to go back there after the holidays.I miss the kids so much!! especially Natasha and Nicholas () oh and they thought im dating Cherrie for god knows what reason.LOLOLOLOL x)

and by the way,my private tutoring pay is increasing.I'm teaching around 10 students now.RM60 per do the math :D

Payday is up! ;D


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