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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Another day at school today and well it was HILARIOUS :D The debaters and I have gone retarded for god knows what reason *laughshard* :P At first we were practicing as usual,and in between the practice,something really funny happened.I dont know how to elaborate to all of you about it,but one thing for sure : My intestine almost burst thanks to it.Heh.

I asked Anna whether she have a black QUOTE t-shirt or not,and I think she misheard what I said and shook her head.I ask her again and then she nodded.Things started to get pretty funny from there.Bonnie was observing us the whole time *grins* 8D

"Do you have a black QUOTE t-shirt,Anna?"

"Yes I do"

"What does it says?"


*rollonthefloorlaughing* HAHAHAHAHA! She thought I was asking her about COAT,not QUOTE.Epic phailed x) Pardon my pronounciations,please.Thanks to my braces.tsk tsk -.- Bonnie was laughing her arse off after that.TEEHEE :P Oh Anna

Riley and I were chatting when SUDDENLY,a girl next to Riley BURPED.and we were in the library at that unfeminine *stares* -.-" I understand that it's an all girl school,but heck,it's disgusting.Ewww *disgusted look*

The girl stopped burping after 1253674859 seconds *phew* and then,a while after that,she BURPED again(!) this time she was looking at Rasshi when she burped.LOLOLOLOLOL xD Bonnie,Riley and I were already laughing like a bunch of retarded hyenas *laughsevenharder* :P

The killing the intestine and funniest part?

Kanchana was so blur about the burping incident that she insisted wanting to know what actually happened.and WHO is the girl burped at.We kept on telling her it DOESN'T matter at all who the girl burped at.But she said NO.she STILL want to know.

Seriously I tell you,I'm not going to laugh again for this whole week.
I just ran out of laughing gas.LOL.

Rasshi borrowed me this amazing Words Of Wisdom book.It's a book full of hilarious,sarcastic,meaningful and the sickest jokes ever heard.and I LOVE IT! ;D Thanks,Rasshi! *hugs* :)

Tomorrow is the debate competition.Wish us luck,aite?

P/S : I'm going to miss them so much after this.A LOT ):