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Awesome people say 'what?!'
Tuesday, March 2, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Yes,I am indeed awesome :) Mind you,I'm feeling pretty happy at the moment despite the fact that Bukit Kuda is not going to the semi final tomorrow.

Yes,I'm still sane,so don't worry.

Bukit Kuda were against Kota Kemuning for the quarter final.The motion of the debate was 'Suffering Makes Us Better People' and Bukit Kuda got the opposition side.I was with them during the debate.So yeah :) Anyways,speaking of Kota Kemuning,one thing i can say is the school is so far away from Klang.According to Pn.Hasliza,Kota Kemuning is like at the border of Shah Alam already.

Eeee D: Why didn't they just join all the Shah Alam schools?

Psh.We arrived there on time,I guess.The school is very huge.and conducive ;D and so MANY of eye candies there *wink wink*:P TEEHEE 8D Imagine surrounded by cute and adorable opposite sex everyday.WAH! heaven! :]

Nah,I'm not THAT desperate.

Too bad that I'm older.tsk tsk D: but hey,they are so adorable.especially the younger ones.Moving on,the debaters of SMK Kota Kemuning are undeniably good and very charming (second speaker) This time,Rasshi starts fantasizing the first debater who is actually ONLY 15 years old.

Oh great,Rasshi.Another crush?! :P

It was a really good debate,I must say.Although in my opinion,none shall not look down on others.Let me tell you what I think about the debaters of the antagonist team (Kota Kemuning) aite? *clears throat* :D

First speaker-Hiffni : good in vocabulary and well,very cute (quoted by Rasshi)
Second speaker-Ooi Zen Yang : very charming and twisted minded.LOL.
Third speaker-Koay : VERY sarcastic.She's like the female version of Chua.

WHACIMAGA! -.- Chua Yumin is like...a nightmare (inside joke) AHAHAHA! :P and well,the thrid speaker was obviously pissed off because none of her POI(s) are accepted by any of the debaters from Bukit Kuda.Heh.the highlight during the debate was the time when Zen Yang actually refers the girls as darling.Rasshi already melt into puddle -.- and Riley was mumbling 'HE'S SILL EVIL!!' LOLOLOLOL x) Oh the end of the day,they eventually emerged as the winning team.Kudos to them :)

and to my dearest debaters,let's make this another valuable experience in life :) You are all winners to me.I am very proud with all of you *hugs* ;] and yes,I am indeed looking forward to help all of you next year.and to stalk more hotties :P

La Salle is also going to the semi final as well *beams happily* :D and they actually beat their traditional rival,STAR.oh yeah!! Yes,I'm very happy.Good luck to the La Sallians for tomorrow's semi final,aite? Makes me proud.well,sort of.Heeeee *bigbiggrins* :D

You know,all this while,when I'm helping my girls in any of the competitions,I often heard uneasy comments from some people that I'm actually a complete LOA.Reason? Simply because I OFFER myself to help them.I'm not saying I'm good or showing off,it's just that I'm devoted to serve my alma mater in such way.

Is it wrong? to help others? Psh -.- Go and stand at the middle of the road,will you? *rolls eyes* D: Only some people are actually excited and happy with me when I told them about all this debate thingy.Others couldn't care less.Oh wow.amusing.

One of the son ; Sebastian texted me today asking ; 'Mummy,do you want to buy IU Day tickets from me?' I went awwww ;) So adorable.I immediately agree.Mummy loves all the sons.I'm going to all the IU Days by the way.Am so excitedl! TEEHEE 8D Paid a visit at KRR.and I saw Sir Faiz!! *hyperventilate* :P and also Anas! :) BEST part? I saw the stalking subject ;Yap!!!! *dies* :D I saw Yap and he dyed his hair.Eeeeeeee.why so hot wan? *slaps self* :D

Oh no,this post is turning into fan girl-ish.and very random -.-

Yesterday was the Chinese's Valentine Day or better known as Cap Goh Mei.The night before,Cindy and I went all retarded over few topics.Shall not elaborate it further here.Heh.It was seriously hilarious.Ngehehehe :P Pretty boy was the date of the day.Nah,we did not go out.Yours truly was just self proclaiming.rofl.

Oh ya! let me tell you about my salary ! :D Total up from my part-time jobs working at Kenny Rogers Roaster AND being an English tutor at Kumon,my salary for the month of February is...

RM1200 :D

Yes,I'm very happy looking at the number up there.ROFL.Finally,my wish of owning a digital camera is coming true!! *banana dance* :D The stalking subject is coming back from NS in two weeks time :DD

Oh well,got to go now.I'm going for another gum surgery for my teeth tomorrow and also going back to school soon to take my SPM result.

Okay,you can kill me now.

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