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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Craving for excitement.
Wednesday, March 3, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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MSN is being too gay nowadays.Psh.

I need to help MSN to find a spouse soon.HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ;D

Just finished clearing up my pictures' folders in the computer.a total of 1480 photos.Crazy,I know.Can't deny the fact that yours truly loves camwhoring.Hee! :) Kumon worksheets are all settled *pat pat self* :D The first time I'm actually NOT procrastinating *bigbiggrins* ;D I have been assigned to design my aunt's restaurant menu.oh.and i get PAID for it.KAR-CHING! :DD

Isn't life is just great? :)

Am conversing with Ching through text regarding her cupcakes.Boy,am I loving her cupcakes more and more ! La Salle is going to the final and they are going against Convent.All the best ya? :) Truthfully,i miss my smexyness dude and my sons ): I'll put that aside since I'm seeing them tomorrow! ;) Surprising,I must say.since this year,all the underdog schools managed to step up.Same goes to bahas.The unbeatable champion,SMK Tinggi Klang lost to SMK (P) Kapar.

Surpised? Me too.

All I can say is never ever underestimate others.You'll never know if it was meant to be your day.,or the other way round.Today have been like any other ordinary day.Only for the fact that I actually sweat a lot for the fast few days.A LOT *disgusted look* -.- Worse,my body will get all sticky,icky,yucky and all the words you can put together for no reason.oh wait.there IS a reason.The sweat.

I shall put my expression in Cindy's way : DENGGGGG -.-

Of course,because of the sweat,my body becomes sticky and when my body becomes sticky,i will eventually feel uneasy *brawls* D: Hates the excessive pores all over my body.Pfft.

The son told me that he's bringing La Salle's IU Day tickets tomorrow.yaaaaaaay! :) Anyone's interested in buying? *immitate persuasive salesperson* I'm just excited.dont hate me for that.I'll be seeing Hiffni *grins* as well as the third debater from KISAS ;D A ya.did I tell you that I finally bought myself a camera? :DDDD Yes,I'm super happy although it is not a DSLR.will wait for a few more months then ill get my own baby : Nikon D3000.Heeh.So yeah.I've been spending money.a lot of it *dramatic cry* but then. I'm happy somehow.I'm still not broke.Thank god for that.I bought a black t-shirt that says 'MINI ME' for only RM15 8D

SPM result is coming out soon.Like VERY SOON.March 16th,2010 *gasp* D: Looking back,last year,I was in the hall,taking pictures and interviewing the SPM scholars for the year 2008.How fast time goes by.Now it will be my turn.Wonders how my result will turn up? Hmmm.Let's hope for the best,shall we? :) I just can't wait for the stalking subject to be back from NS :DDDD Might be going out with Jarud and Hakim again.Heh.and My French class is commencing soon! x)

Daniel :D

Daniel broke his left leg after a fight ):
Get well soon,Daniel! :D

So excited for tomorrow.Weeh!
Byeeeeeeeeeeee ;D

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