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explain to me.
Tuesday, March 23, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Everything is so ghey today.yes,new word! *insert rocking banana emoticon* 8D Learn that word from yeah ;D I'll definitely credit her this *bows* thank youuuuuu.

GAY/GHEY/GEI: a term used to describe something or someone that is weird but but awesomely cool.

Sentence examples; "OMG. YOU SO GAY."; "THAT'S SHO GHEY. I LAIK IT."

HAHAHAHAHHAHA.I'm so ghey :p

so yeah,right now I'm pretty much upset with everything around me.MSN is seriously irritating *throw mouse away* D: I'm amazed how other people can stand it.Psh.Hakim told me that he's taking Foundation In English.I'm like ,'THERE IS A FOUNDATION IN ENGLISH?!?!" Tried to get into the website for the past 30 minutes,but phailed *kick box* -____- Maybe there IS hope for me to actually pursue my dream.Foundation in English.WOW :D UIA,here I come!! *fly* :]

I tried to sound frustrated,but I guess I phailed.LOL.

I am going out with my girlfriends tomorrow.finally a reunion not to be missed :D We're celebrating Amira's birthday and also a farewell party for Nisa :] Lina is already ready for revenge at bowling *rollonthefloorlaughing* Heh.I met Syakila yesterday at Kumon.She's going to further her study at MSU starting next month.Well,all the best mastering your sexay doctor skills.HAHAHAHA.

Currently chatting with Dan ; the fagg buddy right now.and well,we come into defining what does fag really means.

FAG/FAGG/FEG : when two or more people decide that they are fags.and they cant stop talking about being fag.and they like bullshitting and just being in the art of faggotary ; more like retardedness.only better.

Sentence example : "YOU ARE SUCH AY FAG " ; " YOU FEG "

Okay,can kill me already.roflmao.

and people,that would explain so much why I love to use the word fag. *TEEHEE* ;D Someone claimed that I am melodramatic.Maybe I am.Right now,I dont mind really because metaphorically saying,I'm the kind of person who likes to exxagerate most of my actions.Heh.Dan is really HIGHed now.I wonder what got into him? Hmmph.The highlight of the conversation is when we start throwing things at each other virtually.Why? He doesn't want to share his Kit Kat with me.FEG *laughshard* :DDDD

a complete LOL conversation.Heeeeh.

Yes.called me childish if you want.I dont care.HAHAHAHA.i mean,it's fun being childish at times.Dont you think so? I am enjoying every moments I have now.To be honest,there are time when I felt like I want to the NEW me.But right now,I'm just happy being ME all the time.

My friends dont seems to,why do YOU even bother? *snorts* DX

Things to do while waiting for the confirmation to further my tertiary study :

-get my own car license.P baybeh!

-a Les Paul Bass II sexy! ♥

-improved my handwriting.I can't recognize them already D:

-write a whole new novel.Heee.

-grow taller.

-get myself a new phone and DSLR.Heh.

I'm going to start writing notes in my notebook if there's anything happened.who knows it might end up here? *grins* :D

Off I go now.

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