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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Currently at Shah Alam now.

My family went back to Perak on Saturday night and well,i cant follow them (obviously) since I have Kumon classes and private tutoring.Since it is very dangerous for me to stay alone at home at night,I decided to crash my cousin's house which is very near to my house.the sleepover is awesome!! *grins* ;D Spent the night with the cousins,stay up and watch football and do a lot of crazy things together.Heee.

So anyways,I went to the UiTM Education Fair on Sunday with my cousin.It was okay,I guess.It did clarified a lot of things as I meet up with the consultant for the courses I would like to take.Sad lah,since they told me that I actually need to get at least a C for Maths and well,I got D.bummer -.- My relatives asked me to take TESL.HECK,everyone does considering that I am currently teaching English now *sulks* D: I dont want to take TESL.but meh,I am in great dilemma now )': *headache* DX Dan told me that maybe I can take TESL for diploma and take Mass Comm for Degree.oh well.

Didnt go to the Mid Valley Education Fair since I got no transport to go there ): Sad.most of my friends went there.Luckily babe Tirzah was willing to help me to ask about the Mass Comm course offered by the colleges there.Thanks,babe! :)

Back talking about today.Well,I went jogging with Pn.Hasiah (im teaching her kids) at Tasik Shah Alam.It was really fun since it has been a while I went jogging -,- LOL.then Pn.Hasiah was kind enough to drive me back home for a while and helped me clean my house before my parents came back home tomorrow.Heee.after that,we went to the local fish market and had our breakfast there.Went back home and go online on the computer (yes,I am allowed to use the computer) XD Chatted with Zaty and Arif.

Loooool.retardedness x)

The conversation reminds me of Dan ; the fagg buddy ;O i miss him *sigh* ): oh well.Danny and Tirzah has been the best companion while I'm here.LOL.not to be forgotten,Dan Ng :DDDD Can't wait to hear about Dutchboy soon.He's in Aussie now.Have fun ya? :) the evil twin just got himself a!eh!shareeeee!!! XD meeting sayang Bell soon

Kumon worksheets await! :)

P/S : John,you still owed me McFlurry! :P
PP/S : I miss Riley ):

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