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Home sweet home.
Saturday, March 13, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Attended La Salle IU Day today :) It was okay,I guess.The theme was 'MALAYSIA : HOME' came with my motorbike,parked it outside and walked into the school from the secondary side of La Salle.I NEVER walked to the hall from secondary side.

and I'm wearing high be exact ; 5 inches -.-

Swear I'll NEVER wear heels again.Attempt to look tall obviously phailed.EPIC *roll eyes* D: Was lost at first since the people I know was busy running the event,I stepped into the hall not knowing where to sit (this post is turning into gibberish.LOL ! ) Found a seat at a table at last.Meet up with new friends from Convent Sentul :) Pretty with the name of Catherine and i forgot another one DX sorry.Look around and saw few familiar faces.First it was John Fung and the interactors of High School Klang.Andy Koh was grinning at me the moment i looked at him.HAHA ! (braces joke) Saw Lam *dies* Eeee.why he so cute wan?! *swoon* XD The girls ; Geok San,Zhe Mein,Nicole babe,Maha and few others.

Lam refused to let me pinch his cheek *pouts* )':

I WANT his baby fat cheek !! *dies again* :DDDD

Saw Aaron and the evil twin ; Chris in front.I would have been yodelling at them if it were to be my territory.HAH! do you get what i mean? no? me neither.oh well.They are the VIPs.Mr.Adrian was there as well.what do you expect? :P Arif was in charge of the presentation or something like that.

and and and guess who else at the VIP table?

Guess lah.

Neil Russell?

No way.He's like history already.

Neil Loo?

Meet him only once.Possibility of seeing him again might be 0.000001 %.DUH -.-


It's Abdullah and Ka-Mun!!

*overkill laughter* ;D Dont ask me why am I so excited about it.I went *TEEHEE* the moment I saw Ka -Mun and Abdullah.LOL.macam cerita hindustan pulak.AHAH! XD Bare with me please.I can easily be distracted.especially by the opposite sex.I mean,who aren't? :P and well,a bit HIGHed at the moment. *slap self* -___-


Back talking about La Salle IU.

The emcee of the day was Sukdhip and his partner in Forgotten.short term memory loss.Eee.*shakes head* Psh.They were great doing the emcee-ing although the PA was slightly face went " o.O" every time the PA system went wrong.Mood spoiler.The IU Director ; Pravindra was seen running front and back to settle things.Busy guy.Moving on,Performances were okay.It got a little awkward in the middle of the event,but we do enjoyed the songs.A lot.

I wonder who's in charge of the computer? *ehem* Good job ;]

Settled down during lunch break.Meet up with Ashwin (the tall tall Ashwin) and his sisters.VERY tall too.I feel so tiny next to them *sulks* Eeeek.even wearing a 5 inches heels doesnt work.LOL *throw a flying dagger at Ashwin and run away* Chatted with my favourite son ; Sebastian who apparently was kind enough to treat me the ticket :) I'll buy you Kenny Rogers kay? :D Yes,favouritism do happen here considering he's like the sweetest of all.Heeeh.

Nah,was just playing around.I love all my boys.Ugh.scratch that I love everyone :DDDD

The food was indeed the best part of the event.I am in love with the food.Heeeee.I love food as much as I love irritating the stalking subject *evil grins* 8D Did not take much pictures since the camera decided to be a bloody bitch today *annoyed* Pfft.Was somehow bored during the games so,I decided to text John who sat at the next table to mine.

Weird,i know.We went LOL-ing and making weird face expression throughout the chit chat.

Krishen Lim sat at the same table with yours truly after the lunch break.

*look at Krishen* *think* Geez.why so comel? *bang head on the wall* x)

Again,my taste in guys shall not be rely on AT ALL.My sisters said that my grandma's taste in choosing men is way better than me.Ouch.sarcasm DX but then,hey it's my taste of guy.who cares ? Pravindra then officially introduced himself to me as he settle d down to watch the last performance.with us.

Pravindra : *extend hand* hi,which school are you from?
Me : Oh hi,I'm from Bukit Kuda.but I've graduated already. *shakes hand*
Pravindra : Oh ! How old are you then? and what's your name?
Me : *grins* I'm Atika.and I'm 18 *emphasizing on the '18' part*
Pravindra : Oh hi ! I'm Pravindra and I'm 17 years old.
Me : -_-

LOL ! EPIC introduction.Heeeh.he said I'm very funny and cool.Haha ! *shy away* :P I'll take that as a compliment.Heh.Meet Yagesan.That fella threatened me because I refused to tell him my SPM result.LOLOLOLOL xD but then I fight calling Ashwin for help *call for help like how the female actress does in the movie* dramatic can? Heeeeeee.

The whole conversation went LOL-ed entirely.Yagesan is sho adorable ;) I very like him.the event ended and I proceeded back home.Finally got the chance to talk to Arif and Sukhdip.Gave the Dutchboy and evil twin a hug (since he's leaving tomorrow back to college) and left.

In conclusion,
I truly enjoyed this year's IU Day :)
good job to Pravindra and the commitee for pulling out such a great event (Y)

Went out and saw Pravin.bought ACS IU Day ticket from him :D reached home approximately half an hour later.

and I went to my aunt's house after that to harass my cousin :P

Too tired to elaborate on that.

*banana dance* XD

P/S : Yes,Ashwin.I AM still afraid of Pn.Jasvir.I dont know why -.-
PP/S : Battle Of The Sexes's prologue is done !! *hyperventilate* XD

Till then,
Byeeeeeeeeeeeee ;D

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