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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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I'm not well.
Friday, March 19, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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The bleeding sore throat I have for the past few days ain't going to heal for the time being.and well,I'm suffering because I have to deal with it ): Painful can? D: don't get me started on the flu and massive headache :|

I can't even talk right now *sniffs* oh great -.-

The conversation on YM and MSN doesn't seems to come in handy.Everyone are not in a good mood,that's all I can say.Oh and I think everything that happened to me before is happening again ! Oh no ! *shivers* D: I am definitely losing another friend of mine.It seems that he's more interested in knowing the other friend that yours truly? *shrugs* Oh well.This is not accusation,first of all.I'm just letting all of you know how does it feel to be in my shoes at this very moment :]

HAHA.I sound so desperate -.-

should I be depressed?

No,I shouldn't.

A few of my friends were kind enough to ask me how am I doing through instant messaging over the phone.Aww.touched :') Thank you,guys :) Bell even offered to call me when she texted me.but when I read her message,I was already half asleep.LOL.and I can't even talk :| I didnt go to Kumon today since I am sick.Was planning to go afterwards,but my parents had something on.Plus,my temperature just shoot up rapidly.Whooops! D:

Funny that I can still go online right now.Heee.

I miss chatting with Belle ): I hope she's doing okay right now.Be strong aite? *hugs* :D Was supposed to go out with Jarud tomorrow but he havent reply my text :/ Probably it got cancelled? ;O Heh.Bought Big Apple Donuts on the way back from Shah Alam.It was a treat from Pn.Hasiah by the way :] HAHA.awesomeness.and yummy too! ;D

Was chatting with Amanda just now about ACS IU Day.I might be going.or maybe not.We'll see.Just hope I'll get better tomorrow,kayy? *finger crossed* :)

I have so much to update,but I'll pass for now.
Till then next time :)

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