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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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let the good times reels.
Wednesday, March 10, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Wasssuuuup.My PC is back from the yeah.the blogger is back in action.rawr! Time to revive people :) Now,I'll give you updates from all the around the globe.Hee :] First,I shall let you know that the stalking subject just came back from does the other NS alumni.yaaaay! ;D Don't know why am I so excited about it *stares at self* -.- Everything is like a dejavu now.I dont know,but somehow,I felt like I've in that particular situation before.Anyways,babe Tirzah just got her P does Syaika ;) am very happy for them.Yours truly still got a long way to go before she got herself behind wheels.Hee.

I am suddenly so hungry now.Ugh.

I hate doing things against my will.Did the things as told but meeeeh,some people are just so dumb that they dont understand about it.Pfft *shakes head* D: My mum already pressuring me regarding tomorrow *roll eyes* I am not going to say that I'll score flying colours,but insya-Allah it will be good enough for me to further my tertiary study.Heh.Speaking about tertiary study,I met my aunt (who work at the Administration Office in UiTM) yesterday.Handed her the UPU application form :) and she told me that I might be accepted by UiTM to further my study in Mass Comm in no time :P


it's already 12.17 am now.and wow.I cant sleep at all.Stared at the ceiling of my room for half an hour.Feel like slapping myself.OH WAIT.i just did -.- The butterfly in my stomach wont go away.and I think I have elephants hibernating in my stomach now -___- Yeah exaggerating.what do you expect from me? TEEHEE 8D My message inbox are flooded with messages ; wishing me good luck.Some wished me via Facebook.and blog as well

Thank you ;
Danny.Dianne.Ching Wei.Weng Shen.Sarah.Dan Ng.Mae Vin.Jo Yee.Vivien.Bell.Ashwin.Ashwin Assokan.Nalini.Ayuni.Syaika.Su Ching.Joanne.Lee Hsiang.Ku.Ter.Sanjeeva.Veeni.Menning.Ikmal.Belle.Sammy Soe.Dayah.Amy.Kimberly.Aaron.Toh.Arif.

sorry if I missed any ):

As Jo Yee put it,the midnight kakis are indeed awake.I mean,all the SPM result takers tomorrow decided not to sleep.MY BATCH of FORM 5(s) ARE AWESOME!! Heee!! especially that someone *coughTERcough* xD I chatted with wifey ; Samantha Soe earlier.Weehh!! :) I Miss her so much *airhugs* :D the conversation which started only chatting about the result ended up being used as the medium of giving out opinions on chick flicks.HAHA! Menning is hating me now because I turn him off by reminding about tomorrow.Sorry :/ Danny asked me to stay awake because i told him i cant sleep.ROFL.

Talked on the phone with ze besties earlier.might be going out after taking our result tomorrow.Eheh.and speaking of tomorrow,I have Kumon class still.and let me tell you,Teacher Atika have COMPLETED everything.tip top! *salute* ;D So,tomorrow,I just goyang kaki only.Hehe XD

Right now,I'm currently chatting with my WOMAN,Veeni.She wants me to put her name here,so nah!! VEENI & ATIKA are AWESOMESAUCE!! x) AWESOMESAUCE are COPYRIGHTED word.thankyouverymuch :] Ashwin is so funny.and very pretty indeed!! Pink bunny on sale,anyone? :DDD and I'm talking about the 18 year old pretty Ashwin by the way,not the other Ashwin :P Ter has gone retarded at the moment.WEIRDO :P Asking me to go to bed while he want to hold the longest-slacker-awake record *laughshard* -.-

For some reason,
I dont think I'll miss going to school for now.


I'll be back soon! Like very soon!! :D

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