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Let's do that fag thing.
Friday, March 26, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I am exteremely happy today.and I'm going to be a fag once again *roll on the floor sexily* xDDDDD

LOL :p The updates would be in PURPLE by the way :)

First of all,I finally got the money to publish my novel *beams happily* :DDDDD FINALLY.How all I have to do is to wait for my editors to email me back the soft copy of my novels :D Heee.So today I went for my Kumon class as usual.since my mom had to fetch me to Kumon around 1 pm,I told her to drop me off at Aeon Bukit Raja.

So she did.I went and paid the KRR team members a visit.and well,I saw my cinta lama .

Okay,that was (obviously) a lie.

I saw Yap and Sir Faiz *dies* EWW.Ahahahaha.I'm officially SOFEYA-fied right now *slaps Sofeya* xD Yap is so HOT *dies again* and Sir Faiz? *bigbiggrins* ;D and I just made a Formspring account.Don't you people notice? (duh -.-) Formspring me! ;D I got tricked by the salesperson who sold me the camera I owned at the moment.WTFRUCK.Never knew that the batteries for the camera would run out its power THAT fast.bummer -_________- Luckily there's Cherrie who is willing to borrow me her batteries' charger.thank youuuuu :) It works,thank god.So now,I have to buy a batteries' charger for my own use.Eesh.It costs me RM50.or maybe more.

Pffft -.-"

My flu doesnt seems to show any progress that it is going to recover soon.Eek ): I am also lazy to consume the medicine.Heh.that probably explained a LOT about my first statement.Looool xD NOOBZ.Talked with one of the pretty boys ; Hakim on the phone earlier.MEHEHEHE.I is very happy *grins* :DDD Thank you for the call.It was really nice talking to you :3 Ashwin is getting a Macbook today *envy* OH ASHEW :B ihatechu.HAHA! and looking forward to meet Dan Ng anytime soon.

.......that was random 8D

My primary and high school's Sports' Day are just around the corner.I want to go to both of the event badly :| Hopefully I'll have the time to attend it *finger crossed* :] April is just around the corner.WOW.Time flies so fast,dont you think? :D Since it's going to be April,I'll already write down a shopping list of things to buy for the month of April.Hehehe.SHOPPING,HERE I COMEEEEEEE!! 8D I did some survey when I went out.More like window shopping actually.The clothes and accessories are very cheap and affordable.Plus,it's SALES season now *TEEHEE* :p

Since I might be starting my tertiary study in Jun (MAYBE) ,I really think that I need to brush up on my Maths.Ms Lee (Cherrie) was kind enough to be my tutor.In case if I need any help (I'm sure I will) LOL.

Hmm.I currently chatting with Adrian and Sofeya.Adrian,Zhi and I are meeting up soon since I'm coming down to Puchong.Well,I think there will be be sleepovers at Zhi's house.Weeeeh! ;] Sofeya and I are totally LOL-ing at the moment.EPIC PHAILED.oh wait.COOL PEOPLE ALWAYS PHAILED.Ngehehehe >:D Laughing our ass off ; knowing that we are two retarded fagg who are super ghey *ninja rolls* 8D

Okay,I'm done now.
Imma hit the bed.


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