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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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moooooo lah.
Tuesday, March 23, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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told me not to update my blog THAT frequent because they said people will get bored reading it.HAHAHA.I think he said that because he himself did not update his blog THAT frequent.LOL! Adrian Adrian :p

I slept around 2 in the morning yesterday.Guess what did I do? was planning to update my blog yesterday,but I decided not to since I dont have the mood to do so.All of sudden.Okay,just ignore that.I was just being emo since Ah Ning ditched me to watch The Lovely Bones *roll eyes* xD Now I have to find other friends to watch the movie with.Maybe I'll watch it with my girlfriends.Hee.

Continued chatting with Adrian although I was already going to bed.We were LOL-ing in the middle of the night for some reasons.HAHA *laughshard* 8D Seriously HIGHed without any addition of sugar intake xD

Self-proclaimed pretty boy ; Adrian Leong ♥


The whole conversation as I stated earlier was a complete LOL.but then,we still update each other about everything.From coffee to work.and then to IOI Mall and sleeping (!) Everything.He did promise me to update his dead blog *check Adrian's blog* OH WOW.HE DID UPDATE!! *hides* lol.My bad for not checking his blog for a very long time.Eessh.But it was worth my sleeping time chatting to him.Hehehe.

This is my current best companion.
I'll die IF it died :)

Working as a tutor in Kumon and also other places is great,i must say.Like Zhi said,we're earning the same pay as our friends who work as promoter or anywhere else :) yay! HAHA.and yes,I'm very attached to all of the kids.I'm STILL working now while waiting for the outcomes of my tertiary studies' application.Hmmph.Everything that seems to be a curse to me before is fading.To those who never understand how on earth that my result turn out that way,just shut up alright? I have no idea either.Heck,I am lazy to think about it as well.

What done is done.Oh well.

Last few days,I've decided to isolate myself.Sort of.and I failed.I cant live without my friends and I cant certainly live without blogging.Yes,blogging is THAT addictive.Heh.This blog is like my baby already.I tell all my joy,sorrows,pain and pretty much everything that had been happening in my life HERE.

and I can proudly tell you now that the school magazine or SMK (P) BUKIT KUDA for the year 2009 is out.and you know why I am so happy about it?


the side.

the cover.



awesome or not? :DDD

Actually I got the magazine earlier this year,but I forget to post about it until just now.HAHA.hope the girls are happy with the outcomes of the magazine.and on behalf of the Editorial Board 2009,I apologized if there's any mistake printed in the magazine :) The representative from the printing company actually told me that my name is the longest name he ever typed for the Editor in Chief section =.=" LOL.can't help's my real name lah.rofl.

Before I leave,here's a huge ass picture of myself.HAHAHAHAHA.

Lovin' the t-shirt!!

woot woot ;D

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