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My laughing box is not working.
Friday, March 5, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Pictures taken with MY own camera.TEEHEE 8D

Debate final between La Salle and Convent was AWESOME :D

They both presented a really strong case,but eventually Convent emerged as the winner :) Kudos to you girls.I do not feel like elaborating too much about the debate,but I shall tell you about few incidents that happened throughout the day.First of all,during the debate,the third speaker from both team are cute debating together.Heee! as in really cute :DD Anna and I were already acting like matchmaker and imagined what would it be if they were to be together *grins* :D

Before the debate.


Miss Foo Mei Fen.

I told Maha about it (she's the third speaker from Convent) and her face went "-___________-" LOL! Epic,i tell yeah.I was practically mumbling alone during the debate.Pardon me,none were actually willing to chat with me at that time.Plus,my adrenaline suddenly goes up for no reason.Psh.Hiffni didnt come ): so sad.The girls were so disappointed that Fitri Fahmi (the KISAS debater) did not turn up either.

Pn.Priya already went missing in action.Pn.Hasliza told us she had something to settle regarding the PTA Meeting next Saturday.Oh well.I saw Pn.Jasvir,the La Salle's debate teacher advisor with a battalion of La Sallians walking into the hall.She really gives me the chill -.- Anyhow,I saw Arif on stage.Hee.He looked so different from the last time I saw him.He's so tall!! D: D:

and VERY bergaya *wink wink* ;D

Arif's mummy and his brother,Abdullah were there too.So supportive of them.My dear son ; Sukhdip was the second speaker.Very funny :DDD The third debater was Ashwin.LOL! remember the tall perfect I used to talk about? Yeah,that's him.and oh.he took over the stalking subject's post as the head prefect.rofl.After the debate,we had a break where everyone got up and get to know the others.I got lost ( literally ) since all of them are so seriously TALL *brawls* D: D:

It was fun,really.I finally got to talk to the boys after months keeping in touch with them virtually.Sebastian called me mummy just because he want me to buy more IU Day tickets from him.LOL.sneaky -.-

Anyone's interested? :)

I got to talk to Arif's mum as well.I went " :DDDDDD" the moment I shook her hand.Gosh,she's so pretty! :) We chatted a little while before a lady came and start talking to her.So yeah.I think I told her of what happened between me and embarassing can? *hides under mattress* D: Only realised it when I'm Kumon later.KMP.Hopefully she doesnt remember a thing about it.

Chua is so going to slaughter me if he found out about this *gasp* o.O

Did not talk to Abdullah.Still feel offended because he called me mellow dramatic :P He was kinda busy with Kah Mun.So yeah,shall not disturb them.Heh.he's so much better looking in person :) Haha.Kah Mun is so scary and so strict.The GOD OF AWESOME gives me the chill too *slaps forehead* x) As promised,John Fung was there.with the rest of HSK prefects.Err there's Nelson,Govin and so much more.Too many -___-

I met Vivien too! *banana dance* :D

Ashwin's dad is actually very nice in person.and he is so cute with the DSLR he brought along.LOL.Anna and I were giggling whenever we saw him pass cute!!! for someone who is a dad.TEEHEE ;] I got to chat with Arif *beams happily* :DD Sukhdip called me mummy and Ashwin said I look very vintage with baju kurung.LOL.

Not so much of the recaps during the debate eh? I know.

Pn.Hasliza gave me a warning regarding my behaviour after the debate.Sorry,teacher )': I fully blame my adrenaline.tsk tsk D: I saw Lam as well.and Thatchana :) I asked Lam whether it's okay or not if I were to pinch his cheek.He shook his head and he blushed.HAHA! :P How adorable. *smiles sheepisly* Heh.Someone thought I'm Amira *coughSAWcough* -_- I met Pravin and Josiah from ACS.Oh.anyone's going to ACS IU Day? ;D

Doozed off at school while waiting for my mum to fetch me *yawns* D: Body started to gives out problem again.Pfft.Meet Cherrie at Kumon and the rest of the day just goes by as usual :) Brandon with his weird and noisy self ; Rong Shen with his endless frowns .LOL.I the kids at Kumon ;) Brandon made me a happy card in between the class.So cute *teary eyes* :')

He said ," Teacher,POWERFUL is AWESOME " :)

Brandon trying to scare the clueless Rong Shen.

Oh,I made a happy card for Arif as well :]


Please tell me it's nice.HAHA.

The happy cards for Ashwin and Sukdhip have gone missing before I even got the chance to take its picture.Someone took it and made it into paper planes.rofl.Kids,what do you expect? :P Riley told me that she felt nostalgic everytime she thought about debate and me.Awwwww *bearhugs* :) You can always give me a call,alright? I'm available 24/7 for you.Heee.

My first verbal English tuition will start tomorrow.
Mind you,I'm the one teaching.
RM20 per hour.totally worth it.
Heeeee :P

Till then,

Buh-bye! *waves happily* ;D

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