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Peace and Harmony.
Sunday, March 21, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Went to the very much anticipated ACS IU Day today.The event was okay.Luckily it wasnt disappointing at all.Was not feeling well the night before,but decided to go still since I already bought the ticket.and well,I want to see sifu *salute* :D Veeni was texting me the whole morning ; telling how excited she is to see're hyper? Welcome to the club.

Reached HICT around 8.35 pm.Few interactors were there already.Saw Sebastian and Arif *bigbiggrins* :DD Meet up with SammyKate and Bianca at the entrance.Went up to the fifth floor to meet up with Amanda.Saw the borther in law (since I'm married to Samantha Soe) ; Scott at the entrance.Heh.

The theme for ACS's IU Day was 'America and Iraq-Partnership Towards Peace and Prosperity' :) The emcees were great *thumbs up* :D I went " :DDDDD " the moment I laid my eyes on Nicholas.LOL ! dramatic,i know -.- Jana and Nicholas are one gila-gila duo.It's a good thing since they are so lively.Sat at the last row with Amanda and the gang.Andy and I were LOL-ing seeing each other (braces joke) XD The crowd are uncontrollable at the back.Noise pollution -____- Speeches went on and off.

Lazy to elaborate on that.

Anyways,I love the sketch.Although I missed half of it since I went to see Owais at the office.


Texted Adrian during the games.He came! Adrian Leong actually came !! *banana dance* ;D Okay.cut that.The rest of the performance were okay.They had rabbit that rapped.

Exxageration lah,obviously.

That fella called himself Rabbit.and he ate carrot after his performances.


Games was fun with Scott and his fellow friends as the targets.LMAO.Met the girls from my school.Fen is so pretty by the way.I love your dress!!! So does Chris,Pei Nee,Mila,Bonnie and Kanchana :] and no,I didnt take any pictures.Camera is on strike rofl.

The best part had to be the food!!! Heeeeeeh.I love food.I mean,who doesnt? :D We're talking about nasi beriyani here.Eheh.Brandon and Shu Wen came a little yeah.all of us stood in a big circle,talking.Then,Nicole came.with Jordan.Everyone is like HIGHed already.Me at least -.-

and I think I look super weird with my tudung.LOL.

Go kacaued the La Sallians.Met Sukhdip *TEEHEE* and Sebastian *double TEEHEE* and Arif *triple TEEHEE* :DDDD with the rest.and yes,everyone is STILL taller than me.bummer -.- Saw Adrian for the first time.I literally went " :O " the moment I saw him.SO TALL! i feel tiny.very tiny *hides* D: He came to me and say hi.We hugged.Waist almost patah.haha.He have to bend down since I'm like HALF his size.Looooool xD

Well,not really.

I saw Soon Chia and some familiar faces.Pravin came and say hi to me.Eheh.comel lah dia tu :P After break,it was another sketch and band performances.Amazing,i must say.The sketch was super funny.and sifu is so adorable! :DDDD *salute sifu* and Sam is VERY cute *dies* xD Heh.and Concept Unwritten is one great band too.Makes me want to form a band.HAHAHA.Event ended well.Still had to suffer from the noise pollution at the back.They went super HIGHed during Love Drunk.SUPER,i tell you.I guess they ARE a way.LOL ! x)

Bid farewell to everyone and went back home.

Some pictures during the IU Day.
Photographer : Lee Hao Jia.

Thank you.

*grins* :D


See the difference?

I know.

Jia Chyi.Atika.Yunn Teng.

The crowd.

spot me if you can.HAHA.

Scott playing guitar.


Chee Han.
former President.



*dies again* :DDD

The IU Director/Emcee/Vocalist of Concept Unwritten :
Jana !

*square dance* :DDD

In a nutshell,I must say,ACS IU Day was a blast.
Good job to Jana and his committee members! :)

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