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Tuesday, March 30, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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It has been days since I last posted something here.Sorry,I was away and rather busy with my tutor classes at Shah Alam :) Too be honest,I often feel mellow when I'm at Shah Alam ; staying overnight at my teacher's house.I dont know why.It's not because of the family of course,maybe it's just hormones.LOL -.- I tried hard not to rant anything about it,so I decided to talk to Tirzah about it.Thank god she STILL have her phone with her ( yay! ) I was sick for the whole three days.

So mind you,I'm not fooling around just because I'm AWAY from home.

You're probably just as clueless as others who ASSUMED that I'm being a sombong ass for not replying you,huh? *show L sign* EW.HECK NO.sorry.

The only communication medium I had with me was my handphone and well,the computer (yes,I'm allowed to use them) but then,it doesnt feels the same when you're away from home.I feel that I'm emotionally tormented at some times.I hate this feeling.It does bring harm to me since I am the cheerful one.Eeesh.

The friends that I've been trying to keep in touch with,to be friend with are obviously drifting themselves away from yours truly.I am completely clueless now.Then,I finally come into a conclusion after reading Ash's Tumblr.

THIS TOTALLY MADE MY talkplaylove :

click to enlarge.

So yeah,I dont give a shit of what do you want now.I TRIED.and I had enough.Thankyouverymuch.I'm being more and more pessimist day by day.Sigh.I just dont want to get hurt again ):

Been keeping in touch with Alex and Nalini last few days.I miss that two lads so much.Hmmph.Hope they are doing great.Nal told me that SAM course are seriously pressuring her D: Sorry to hear that,hunn.Be strong ! ;D

During my stay at Shah Alam,my only companion through texting are Danny boy and Menning.Thank youuuuuuu :] Alex and I were LOL-ing reading each others' texts.WEIRD,i know.Ignore us,please.HAHAHA.I dare not to rant about anything since I promised Tirzah I'll be strong even when she's away *vowed* :) Atika is a strong girl.Nothing should ever be in her way now *grins* :D

Meeting up with John Lee tomorrow.yay ! ;] Going to watch The Lovely Bones with Gim Chai,Yoke Ping and Kan Sheng.What makes me happier is I'm going to meet Yoke Ping after TWO years.TWO FREAKING YEARS :DDDD I owed John a big thanks.Hee.OH.and not to be forgotten,ICE CREAM! *square dance* :DDDDDD Asked my girlfriends earlier if they were to join me with them,but they told me that they had something on.Oh well.

Chatted with the stalking subject on MSN.No I didnt stalk him anymore.He's my friend (duh -.- ) Not a sin for me to ask him how is he doing right? (if you think it is,you shall go and run yourself over with a car) and omgee.I practically LOL-ed throughout the whole conversations.Eheh.menyampahnya.Chua,I nak ikut,please? *batting eyelashes* :p He asked me to shoo (keep quiet) because I was TOO noisy virtually.

Okeh,my revenge is complete >:D

I'm going down to Puchong soon.but now the problem is,I dont know how to get there *shrugs head* D: Psh.will asked Zhi soon about it.Moving on,congrats to few of my friends who already welcomed the newest member in their life.Aaron with his iPhone,Ashwin with his Macbook,Syaika with her laptop,Chris with his PSP,Dan Ng with his classical guitar,Syakila with her new handphone and few more others.

I couldnt be more envious *stared* :p but then,congratulations again.All of you deserved the rewards :)



Ew.I shall rape Taekyon now :p

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