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singing off the pitch.literally.
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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As planned I went out to meet up with John Lee today at Aeon Bukit Tinggi.Together with Ku,Kang Shen,Loo and Yoke Ping,the whole day was filled with fun and laughter :) Supposingly,we planned to watch The Lovely Bones for the 1.45 pm screening.But who knows,when we got there,the earliest screening is at 3.20 pm -.-

The boys wanted to watch Green Zone,but then Ku told us that our head will spin eventually watching the movie.Eheh.Managed to persuade them to watch The Lovely Bones.AWESOME 8D As we were discussing,suddenly Gim Chai suggested that we should go to Greenbox first.

I was like 'SERIOUSLY?!'

To be honest,I never went to Greenbox before.HAHA.ancient,i know.but at the end,we headed to Greenbox to slack while waiting for the movie.I'm telling you karaoke-ing is fun ! :DDD I sang few songs that were pretty nostalgic me at least.Hee. BEST ! ;D Gim Chai was a really good singer *salute* :] Since it was Happy Hour,the reservation came with lunch set.

Food was pretty tasteless if you ask me.Eeesh.wasted my money for it.Today was actually the first time I met all of the boys.HAHAHA.They are very shy at first,especially Loo *TEEHEE* 8D Soon after that,all of us start chatting about school life and all.THEY ARE VERY FUN ! :)

I died when I saw Ku *dramatic dying scene* LOOOOOL xD HE IS SO FAIR ! ;D and comel.Hee *grins* :D Got my McFlurry (finally) from John.Thanks,KOR KOR.I was completely sugar HIGHed after that.Loo and Ku stared at me :p Went to Ben Zhi's former work place but they said he quit already.Made some new ex-La Sallian friends,Fadhli and Vicky.

Adorable boys :D

The movie was very touching.Rated it 9/10 :] Good job goes to the actors and actresses in the movie. *thumbs up* :) But then,was not really comfortable because the cinema was smelly ; almost like urine smell and well,the air conditioner was no good either.

Is everything on strike today? Pfft.First it was the cash deposit machine and then this??

John was soaked,i tell you.Pity him.LOL.Almost fell asleep in the middle of the screening.Ngeee.and I was LOL-ing looking at Loo and Ku.Dont ask me why.The couple is having their own sweet times watching the movie.Awww. ;D After the movie,I bid farewell to everyone.and then,went loitering around with John while waiting for daddy to fetch me.

Kacaued Sarah at Roxy.LOL ! Omgee.she is shooooo pretty ! Decided to bug the tepek victim at Padini.Mangkuk.Kononnya want to scam me by not telling where did he went for break.Blek :p LOL-ing the whole time I chatted with him.His colleagues are already staring,but I just dont bother.Heh.You should see his face everytime I start laughing.He would give me the OMG-YOU-ARE-SUCH-A-RETARD-AND-STAY-AWAY-FROM-ME look :B Funneh.

Brought black pepper chicken on my way back.yummy ! :) Reached home approximately 15 minutes later.Oh and it was raining on my way home.AWESOMENESS 8D

Up next : more outings (!!!)

P/S : Thank you John for the invite :)


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