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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Sometimes I ponders ;
Tuesday, March 2, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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meet Selasih,the newest member in the family :D

Let me tell you a secret ; I'm NOT always OK.One may assumed of me having a great day,but the truth is,you can never tell what am I really feeling at this particular moment.I am slightly sad thinking about the friends I've been friend with and now,we are like two strangers that never knew each other.Sad right? ):

I often tried to be optimistic.Looking at the bright side of everything,but for once I failed to do so.Looking at how close my friends are and I am not in the picture really tore me apart.No,I'm not jealous.I'm just pointing out the flaws I have in me that maybe you took it wrongly.I TRIED.I really tried.but then,none seemed to work out.

Pointless is not exactly the right description of the situation right now.Although,it sure explains so much of my efforts over this time.All I did was mention a person's name,but I rather not do that now.They themselves should know by now.Some don't even like the attention I gave to them.

It seemed to me that pampering them is actually a sin? much of being a nice figure.I doubt that anyone would actually read this,but oh well.For once,I had enough of trying.I had enough of everything.Right now,my wall of defense are going down together with all the hopes and faith I've been holding on all this while.I failed being a good friend.I'm sorry.

I am just tired of everything.Undoubtedly,I do made mistakes.but then,do let me know if I've ever hurt you.I'm deeply sorry if I did.All I was trying to do is just to be a good friend.But then,maybe being a good friend is not exactly everyone's favourable act, right? *shrugs* D: Some assumed that I am the one who is not friendly ; I am the one who forgets them ; I am the one who did not reply their text or messages.

But have you ever think that if I already forgets you ; if I am not friendly,do I even have to bother to reply your text? Psh.Think before you talk,would you? D: and I think you are the one who's acting all childish now.Who's the one not replying the messages? Not me,obviously.Anyhow,I'll put all this hatred aside.I'll start a brand new life with the people who actually appriciate my presence.Not pushing me away.Worse,spreading words around about me.

Hate me now for all I care.
I've said everything I have to said.
I may be the devil ; but I'm only the devil in me.

All I can say now is,no matter what happens,I'll always be your friend :)