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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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A story of a girl.
Sunday, March 21, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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The whole thing started few months back.I was browsing through Facebook aimlessly till I stumbled upon this girl's profile.Added her immediately for no reason.The next day,she said hi to me through Facebook and we became friends ever since.

Christine,she had been a great listener to me.Yes,some may think,why I never mentioned about her in the first place? Answer is simple : I promised her that I wouldn't :) I've never ever met her's either Facebook or through texting.No one knows about her existance.Not even my family.She's so nice to me that I can say Christine is my best imaginary friend.She called me her imaginary friend too :') She's real by the way.and we shared a lot of common things together.

Her Facebook account got hacked she deleted it.Still,we keep in touch with each other through emails and also texting :)

Last week we texted each other as usual and she invited me to her house in KL to celebrate her 18th birthday which fall on March 21st.I agreed immediately knowing that I finally got the chance to meet her for the first time.Christine and I were so happy counting for the days.and I'll be at her house on Sunday.

The last time I texted her was on March 13th at night,she told me she was not feeling well.I told her not to worry about it since she said she might be having fever.slight feverish feeling.

"Big deal",I said.

Boy,was I wrong.

Hours turn to days.I'm starting to get worried.Christine didnt reply my messages.So,I decided to text her sister,Jessica instead.Jessica told me that Christine is having a really high fever since Sunday,March 14th ): But she assured me that she's getting better and will definately be ready for 18th birthday.

I took her words seriously,hoping that Christine will be okay.and better ♥

and today,at 1.28 pm,I received a text from Jessica.I smiled.

I told myself, "Christine is okay now.I'll be going to her house tomorrow to celebrate her 18th birthday.I'm so excited " and I put on the widest smile at that moment.

and when I read the message,it says :

Atika,I'm sorry.Christine just passed away a few minutes ago.due to the fever.It was so sudden.We were shocked too.I guessed He loved her more.I'm so sorry I have to tell you this.Can you come to her funeral tomorrow? *hugs* :3

I froze and my mind went completely blank.

My deepest condolences to Jesseca & her family.

I'm sure Christine will be somewhere better now :)
you will always be remembered.