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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Saturday, March 6, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Blogging from Shah Alam now.

Currently tutoring my former teacher,Pn.Hasiah's children verbal English.and yes,I'm staying overnight at her house.I know what are you thinking :) Yes,I'm THAT close to her.can't deny the fact that she's like a mother to me already :)


I had this dream where I actually score 5A+ for my is just a dream,i know.but still,dream can always come true,right? Hee.Plus,5A+ is all I need to further my tertiary study.Amin :) Result is coming out on March 11th.which means there's only less than a week left before the doomsday.LOL.I am in great dilemma now of choosing the place I am about to go.Haih.I might be going to UiTM.but then,at the same time,I'm interested of going to UTAR or IACT -__- INTI sounds good too.and KDU is so tempting D:

After all,I'm taking the same course : Mass Comm. yeah.tutoring now seems to have occupy my times.But then,I am certainly not going to be a teacher :P I love the kids,but when I lose my temper,even the kids would run away to their mummy.rofl.Thank god,up till now,I didnt explode.YET. ;)

Teacher Atika is still nice to you :)

Danny boy is having test on Monday.good luck,Danny D! :D Ikmal texted me saying that he miss me.Aww.i miss him a lot too.He's currently in Klang now.since he shifted to Pahang,we barely see each other ): but yeah,insya-Allah,I'm going to meet him soon enough.yaaaaay! *airhugs* :] I think everything is so nostalgic now since I've realized that I'm going to move to the next phase in my life : higher education.

Time flies so fast,I know.

Oh well,anything that happened,I'll take it the positive way.I'll be strong no matter what.and I'll ask my Kumon kids to behave *grins at Arif* LOL.The stalking subject told his cousin to ignore me completely *glares* NOOBZ.wait till you come back.I'll still stalk you no matter what.well,sort of.Heh.

Got to go now.
I shall update more after my computer revived :)


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