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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Sunday, March 21, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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The good time of all.

Thank you,Zaty :)

Been abandoning my Friendster and MySpace account for ages -_- I just don't know what to do every time I logged in.LOL.unlike Facebook,well-everyone is into Facebook nowadays.and also Twitter.To be honest,I'm not really a fan of Twitter account is like nyawa-nyawa ikan already.rofl.So today,I decided to log in into both MySpace and Friendster account,browsed through the profile and all and at the end I clicked the 'delete account' button.

But wait! *grins* :D

I didn't actually deleted them.Heh.Just leave it dead.Sorry -,- I woke up today with a massive headache ): Took some aspirin and went to bed again.I didn't go out.handphone is dead too.No one texted me.HAHA.I feel so mum made porridge today.and she bought me yong tau fu! yay! :D I hate milk,so yeah my mum told me to take yong tau fu for the sake of my calcium level in my body.

and yada yada on the Biology thing -_-

Found some old photos in my old prefect's stop laughing looking at how childish and kiddy I used to look of my primary school friend (that I didnt recognized AT ALL) added me on Facebook.

Serious shit omg.

He claimed that we were in the same class when we were in Standard One.I was like 'really?' .I didnt recognized him at all.He said he didnt recognize me either but he remembered my name.WOW.spooky -_- and he's from my agama school by the way.Double WOW.and he is being eerily sweet talking with throughout the conversation.

*shivers* D:

Tirzah is going to NS soon,I mean REALLY SOON.She will be away starting this Saturday *sigh* ): The best girlfriend is going away and not be able to text me for three solid months.Not to mention,her blog will be dead *cries* ): I'll miss you a lot,okeh? D: My flu is getting worse.I kept on sneezing non-stop and my throat itched like crazy.Ugh.Any suggestions?

I gave up my stalking days.It's over now.Bugger :p Stalking subject is clearly annoyed of me.HAHAHAHAHA. *kick box* ): i miss my stalking subject.Haih.But I still enjoy stalking people's Facebook profile.Eh wait.Does THAT considered as stalking too? *shrugs* Heh.

Chatted with Ku Gim Chai just now.The conversation we had was a complete LOL.John have not fullfill his promise to treat me ice cream.Thus,I shall bug him until he does *TEEHEE* xD Going to download more songs in my MP3 later (Y)

I seriously need to stop thinking about him and start deciding my own future.Oh well.My parents are lashing out on me because of my poor result in Maths for SPM .Screw it.I'm going to dump myself in total loneliness again.I need my happy pills ♥

I miss my high school friends.

When are we going out again? ):


Weeeeeeeh! ;)

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