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The 400th post.
Sunday, April 4, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Oh wow.this is my 400th blog post I am so happy !! :3

Anyways,there's nothing much to update really.I'm just all hyped up today :) Mummy is always nagging at me because she complained I' becoming more like a cookie than a daughter (!) Reason? because when I'm at home,I am barely around the house.I'm always glued to the computer 24/7.You can ask my sister if you dont believe me :b LOL.sorry mummy.Eheh.

Facebook status is becoming more like my own Twitter space.Heee.that is what FarahDee told me.SMEXY NO? *giggles* :D For the past few days,I've been doing my own conference chatting on MSN with various peoples.AWESOME people that is ! :) It has always been with Larissa,Hakim and Sarah.

and I met Hakim's Indian girlfriend,Ahdesya as well.Proclaimed to be lah :p

With these people,I've gained so many useful informations ;D and Sociology is a really interesting topic.I so want to know more from Larissa soon ! *TEEHEE* 8D I'm pretty much sure than I've influenced Larissa with my hyperness *evil laugh* >:D it's a good thing,i think :p Being happy is fun.SERIOUSLY 8D I can carry out my duty as His servant more peacefully now.Amin :)

Yesterday I got the chance to chat with Bell :3 Too bad,I cant come down to Puchong as I planned earlier *brawls* D: you can say that I'm not really financially stable at ze moment.Hee.Chatted with Adrian Leong also.ISH.That guy actually watch Gossip Girl lah omg x) I literally went ' :O' when he told me.

It's not April Fool jokes either.

He said that he like to watch drama that is related to reality.LOL.more realistic in his word.RIGHT *bigbiggrins* ;D What to do,he's the pretty boy kan? :) In case if you don't know,YES i do like to write about my friends here.HAHAHA.i am such an awesome friend :p John Lee must be very happy xD

I found the soft copy of Poor Rich Girl in my old folder !! *beams happily* :3 Bell couldnt be more happier :'D Ash is helping me to edit Battle of The Sexes :) Thank chu.I hope Zaty will feel much more relieved reading this.LOL.I'm trying to get a day to go out with all my former classmates.Maybe around June? :DD

Hmmph.What else?

A ya.I'm getting a new student tomorrow.My schedule is so hectic now :B LOL.not really.Was just kidding.HEHEHE :P But I sure need to organized all my schedule properly.AND definitely spend lesser time online.Psh.Talked to Toh yesterday.OMGEE.i miss him ! Shasta called me up two days before.

That mak cik is STILL all mak cik-ish.SUPER RETARDED :3

and yes,I STILL bullied her.on the phone.Weeeh! ;] *laughs hard* my revenge is complete >:D
On a short note,I am writing a new novel now to fill my past time.Title has not yet been decided.Will keep all of you updated aite? :) Tha fag partner ; Dan was all crazy yesterday.I dont know what got into him -_- *smacks Dan* 8D Sanjeeva finally got a phone of his own.Time to stalk him now :b

HEHEHEHEHE.and he said I'm the crazy one :p Life has been pretty enjoyable tho.I am regaining the old strength that I used to have.THAT sugar rush feeling ;D and you know what,I have been emailing Belle for almost two months already :3 Talking about the things to do.

Which reminds me,I have Kumon worksheets to mark :P

STILL a procastinator .HEE 8D

Grandma and Uncle are here.Time to greet them ! :]

P/S : Sofeya is ay awesome ghey fag.
PP/S : I love my SMEXY book.
PPP/S : Where is Arif? D:


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