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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Saturday, May 1, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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This was taken last year during aerobicthon c:

Hue Ying.Ducky.Me.

I was supposed to write about my opinion about relationships and things that are related to it,but typical me,I got bored and out of ideas after a minute writing the draft down in my sister's notebook.Heh.Oh,and she doesn't know i took her notebook.She would kill me if she finds out *shiver* ;O

Anyways,I've spend the day doing nothing except for the fact that yours truly spent the WHOLE day texting her friends like a lifeless mannequin.But heh,it was fun.Especially when you didn't text that person for a very long time :) True,i must say.You will eventually get the warm feeling of joy.Weeh ! :) I texted Kenny,John,Amy and heck loads of people.Just wanting to check how are they doing.Glad to hear that they're doing just fine :D

To those who might not know,I am moving to Pahang soon.Moving as in I'm staying there for 3 whole years.Yeap,there wont be much of Atika Sikun left now that she's busy preparing her documentations to go there.Eeesh.

I've been procrastinating.REALLY BAD.I'm supposed to get everything done,but nothing seems to work its way.I sure need to get my own time schedule arranged properly before I panicked like a chicken when the time comes.I feel bad for the kakis for not fullfilling my promise for a conference session )':

Who knows right?

Speaking of leaving,I have one whole week of outing lining up for me starting this Sunday.Omigosh.I'm so excited right now that I can chew someone's head off.

or maybe NOT.

But yeah,I am definitely going out.Farewell party,pool sessions,lunch date,dinner and etc.CAN YOU FEEL MY ADRENALINE ?!?! :D :D :D A friend told me that i often write long for a blog post.Did i? LOL.oh what the heck ! I like to write long ! This is what I called an update 8D

It's your loss for not reading it.Hee :p I'm so HIGHed right now after talking to James.he's really cracking me up *giggles* :b Have you actually met someone that is really decent and yet not-really decent after all? No,I am not talking about James,obviously.Just some of the people out there who thinks they can actually outsmart me.I mean,come on ! nothing better to do ah? >:(

I borrowed few of interesting story books (so I've thought) from Syaika.So far,it's entertaining.Which made me realise that I do miss reading.I was,after all,USED to be the bookworm right? :D Oh well.Time do flies :3 Friends are departing and more dramas up ahead? We will never know.

Now,I'm just getting ready for the next phase in my life :)

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