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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Ha !
Tuesday, April 20, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder.

thank chu,Bell :D

I MISS YOU !! ):

Atika: do you think my FB default picture is nice?
Adrian : the girl beside the one wearing the tudung is pretty lol
Atika : -___-

Mengada punya Adrian :p

I always had this thought of telling everyone everything about myself in this very blog.I'm guessing the loyal readers of this blog will eventually know how Atika really is for the past years.

Okeh,im done babbling.LOL.

I was not really in the mood of elaborating anything further ; wisely talking about the thought that I actually think too deep sometimes.TOO DEEP and yet TOO MUCH =_= I'm taking everything easy now as I am almost mentally prepared to go far away from everyone (Pahang only lah) LOL.The outings with everyone are not yet to be confirmed.Right now,I am looking forward to go out with Jesseca it has been ages since I last see her :b so yeah.We've been planning the outings for weeks.yay Jess ! :D Facebook is definitely a GREAT medium of communication for everyone.

Like Sofeya said ; Facebook is your text message when you're outta credit.SO TRUE ! :B I decided to send messages to all of the people I was planning to go out with through Facebook.AHAHAHA 8D sounds so fun if it weren't for mum yelling ; asking me to help me.MEEEEH :p SORRY,MUMMY.

Anyways,I chatted with Arif earlier.Nothing much just updating each other :) It was fun since I dont really get to text or contact him nowadays.The boy is busy with Form 5 life.Hmmph :D Glad he had fun during the HSK gathering.Told me that he officially become a STARian on that day.LOL.The Ariff from Banting is amazingly friendly.and oh.he has a band *envy envy* I want a band too )':

and I shall named my band 'The Awesome'.

LOL wtf.I am just kidding.Right now,I can only play the trombone.and boy,my trombone skills are definitely rusting -_- Psh.Talking about rusting,I seriously need to brush up on all my languages ; my Mandarin,Hokkien,Cantonese and Tamil.Last two weeks,Abah told me that he wants me to be good in all the languages before I leave for Pahang ;D I will,Abah.Don't worry !! :] and you know what,during the night,he will speak with me in Hokkien when the two of us went out for late night supper.

EPIC lah weh ;D

Currently chatting with Loceng and Adrian :3 Aww.I sayang them both alot :) Adrian actually granted my wish of seeing him on webcam XD a guess what? He performed his magic trick for me.LIVE ! :D and he is so pretty in real life *envy* :p cant wait to see him and Loceng soon :D Coming down to Puchong on May 9th and 10th.Heeee ;D I am going to harass Adrian for ice-cream :b and Bell is definitely less than three :D

No one seems to bother to reply my text.or IM.Sometimes,I feel like I am such a wannabe.worse ; attention hogger.True? ;O I'll let you be the judge.It's hard to please everyone.It's even harder to please myself. -__- As weird as it sounds,it's true.I am very hard to please once you know me well enough.To Zaty,I'm sorry )': I have not been talking much with you lately :3 I feel very bad.

Okais.The kakis are unable to do conference tonight.I guess I sucks at conferencing.Always got sesated halfway.Blame myself for being sesated.I am missing the kakis now )':

I am going to continue rambling and talking to Adrian.

He's up for another awesome magic tricks !! :D

It has been a while,has it? Why are you avoiding me? Wat did I do wrong? )': I tried.I really did.I'm guessing I'm just not pretty enough for you? Sucks to be you then.I shall erase you out from my memories forever now.Bye. *clicks*


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