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I got your balls man !
Monday, April 26, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Friday ; April 23rd 2010.

I finally got the chance to go out with Jesseca and her was a crazy day,i tell you.The day started as early as 7 am as I woke up early to prepare to meet up with Jess at KTM Klang.Then she texted me ; asking me to go and buy myself a ticket to Subang Jaya.I was panicking right after that.LOL.

To tell you the truth,I never bought the KTM ticket by myself.ALONE i mean.I know i know.You are so kuno,Atika.but heh,there's always a first time for everything right? Hee :D so at the end,I did bought the ticket for myself and waited impatiently for the train to arrive.

So the train DID arrived.on time (shockingly) cut things short,we arrived safely at INTI College with Ben Zhi whom apparently flew down from the sky.

Okay,no.he did not fly.

He just appeared out of no where and scared the pants out of us -.-

We went for a quick tour with Mr.Lim (Ben Zhi) around the college compound and headed to Asia Cafe to grab some drinks.We settled down and waited for Aravind who was still missing in action as Ben Zhi went for his classes.Ordered watermelon juice and it cost us expensive =.=" Anyways,the waiting was worth it because we got to see hot guys around the campus *nose bleeds* >:D there's even guys from Taylor's !! woot woot xD

Jess and I were basically checking out every guys that passed by to kill our boredom :3 Then,Jess introduce me to this former STARian.His name is Hitesh :D Cute,i must say.Hee.Then I met Kit,one of Jess's friend too.MOHAWK HAIR I TELL YOU :B AWESOMEEEE !! ;D

Aravind finally showed up and we shook hands.Then he introduce his friend,Ravinesh to us.Funny guy :b ME LIKEEEY.We start yapping until we finally decided to went upstairs to play pool.Jess was like, FINALLY !! :D We opened a table and start playing.Like I told before,I am a complete noob in playing pool.First timer lah :) Aravind kindly offered himself to teach me.

I shall not elaborate more on how did i play for the first few balls.Omgg.embarassing :p Overall,pool session was ay blast.Meet up with Aaron,Bryant and Ben Zhi again.It really feels like a reunion.Well,sort of.Hee.FUN :b

Ben Zhi kacau-ed during the second time we opened the table.Mangkuk >.<>:P Jess totally went gaga over Bieber when she saw his video -.- After the pool session,the four of us ( headed downstairs to chill a lil while.Met the tall tall Adrian :] say hi and Heh.crapped again with him :3 Ravinesh start talking in Tamil again.LOL wtf.

After that,Jess and I headed to Sunway Pyramid.Talk.camwhored and watched Shutter Island.Went HIGHed like some jakun in the arcade (me lah) and then talked more while waiting for the movie to start.

Regretted watching it.I slept halfway through the movie although it has a very nice plot DX Aish.should have watched Date Night instead *brawls* Eesh D: Oh well.went back around 5 pm with a cab to KTM Subang Jaya.Talked more in the KTM Station and made fun of the Ah Beng who was sitting in front of us :p

Alrighty,photos ahead ! Enjoy ! :3

Pool session@Asia Cafe.

'This is how you should play',says Aravind .

See ! I can play pool too !! :D

Evil purple ball blocking the white ball -.-

Ms.Long with her killer pose :p

*salute* I learned from the best :D


Outing@Sunway Pyramid.

Asian Avenue :D

Jess editing the picture.

Me editing the picture.


To show that I am eligible to watch 18PL rated movie.HAHAHAHA.

The edited photos :D

This is indeed a delayed post.
Have been so busy lately -__-

Till the next time !! :D

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