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Sunday, April 11, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 1 comment/s

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I know I can.I just have to.

Today was like any other ordinary day.Just even more boring,I guess.I woke up around 10 a.m knowing that I decided not to go the interview which happened to be at 9 a.m.So,yeah dont bother about it.Got up and do the house chores.Finally got the chance to listen to my MP3 ;D Oh,just in case you dont know,I bought a new set of lingerie.HAHAHAHAHA.I know,I know.this supposed to be confidential,but oh wtheck,it is MY blog,right? :D

I am loving my new set of lingerie very much :3 Weeeeh ! *slaps self*


Yesterday,I went to my primary school's Sports' Day.It was fun (somehow) Since my mum and my brother were involved in the race,so I decided to roam around the school.A lot have changed,really.The building structure,the classes even the pond we used to have.It's gone now.How time flies.I literally had memories flashback when I went into my Standard Six class.Omgg.Nostalgic :'D I'm already 18.So,there will be no more high school days.

It's over now.MEEEEH.

My brother won first place in two events ; 4X100 metre race and 4x200 metre race.I am indeed VERY proud of him.Although he often irritates the hell out of me most of the time,he is after all,MY brother.So yeah *pops confetti* :) Meet up with my primary school teachers and also Reena.It was totally unexpected to see her.She was my companion throughout the whole day.Since none of my primary friends made to the event,I was kinda rotting with Reena,not knowing what to do.LOL.Okay,skip that.

Anyhow,after the medal giving ceremony,I headed back home alone on my motorbike.But then,on the way back,I decided to pay a surprise visit at Shamala's house.and yes,you should see how did she reacted when she saw me.It was EPIC.She 'pounded' on me -.- LOL ! :p Sca-reh.Messed up her room and camwhored.

Ah yes,sweet sweet memories flashback again.

Bid farewell to her and headed straight back home .It was burning hot yesterday.So I was not really in the mood of elaborating what happened along the way.I bet you're not interested either :p so yeah,DIED on the bed the moment I reached home.Eheh xD Went online at night.Gone case with Pravin.LOL.Funneh dude ! ;) JOM KITA BERONOK-RONOK MAIN GULI NAK? :b My phone is dead.Like no one texted me already.Except for the replies lah.

Hmmph.I'm starting to miss Tirzah's random messages D: She can just randomly text me at 12 a.m just to tell how weird I am at school last time (?) Yes,she's THAT random.LOL =P She's still in NS now though.Eesh.Few more weeks.Haih.My sister just came back from her prefects' camp.From what I heard it was ay blast.Kudos to her and the organizing committee.I'm proud of you,sista ! :3

I finally logged into my Nuffnang account after such a long time.and guess what? My account is still at RM2.55 -__- LOL.Adrian,now it's your cue.I want ice cream :] I made a happy card for Larissa.Like FINALLY ! ;D Glad she loves it ;) Speaking of liking,it's the sayang ; Riley's 16th birthday today.HAPPY BIRTHDAY,SAYANG ! x :) Chatting with Michelle Chay at the moment.She's Melvin's younger sister :) Only in Form One this year. AMAZINGLY PRETTY *dies* HEH ! :P She's not feeling well at the moment.Speedy recovery kay,Michii? *hugs* :)

Oh ya.Talked to Zaty and Belle via MSN just now.My sayangs Catched up with Jesson after he went MIA for quite some times.Weeh! :] I've just realized that he actually updated his blog.JUST THAT I DID NOT BOTHER TO CHECK IT.NOOOOOOOS *guilty* :/ Also chatted with the self proclaimed pretty boy ; Adrian earlier.Oh heck,he had me laughing in the front of the computer for quite sometimes.So funneh.Adrian and I went LOL-ing throughout the conversation.Hilarious.They TOTALLY made my day *beams happily* :) he just had to crack a joke every time he got the chance to.Bleh :p

Aww.Adrian Leong.I sayang (:

Get naked.RIGHT :p

and currently chatting with Aaron.So long it has been.I miss chatting with him.Which reminds me of my evil twin.Chris ! ;O Awww.everyone is so busy nowadays D': Aish.This is life,I guess.Oh well.Time to move on.

I promised that I'll update often ya? *pinky swear* :3 It's hard when you're losing the passion of doing something that you're so passionate''ll feel so screwed )': Ah.I am in need of my happy pills now :D

See all of you around ! XO.

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