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Thursday, April 1, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Just in case you dont know,it's April already *pops confetti* :D

It was a really good day today.I felt so happy today although it's April Fool.LOL ! ;D Called up Ying Zhi in the morning.Talked to her about the direction to her house in Puchong.YESH,I'm going to Puchong next week.Staying overnight at Zhi's house for a day 8D OH.this means I have to call up Adrian.He's so nice since he agreed to drive us around during our outing.Heeee :p

*flying kiss at Adrian* Heeeee ;D

I finally banked in all the tuition fees from the Kumon students.A total of RM720.Fuh.My hands were literally SHAKING when I cashed it in.Checked everything again and again and again because I was afraid of any miscalculation or whatsoever.Damn nervous lah wei.Thank god it was all okay at the end.Gave the receipt to Ms.Tan as well :)

Kumon as usual was fun.yours truly am REALLY getting used to everything now.The number of students ; the arrangement of the books ; the places of things and etc.Feel so happy about it.Eheh.Even the parents of the students recognized me now.Woot Woot! Say hello to Teacher Atika ! :]

and my earning for the month of March is RM1200 :D

John Lee,I'm saving up this time.but hey ! I owed you something still! 8D

It is so cool to work only for 4 days per weeks.

Lee Hsiang is going so going to hate me now.Eheh xD

Since it is April Fool today,I was hoping that no one will prank me since high school days are over.OWH.How much I missed HIGH SCHOOL now )': Still remembered the days where my classmates and I pranked Pn.Chong during Chemistry class.HAHAHAHA.Epic :D We got extra homeworks after we told her it was April Fool.LOL :p Anyways,I guessed I was wrong.Someone DID pull a prank on me.


Dont ask what have he done to prank me,it was pure Hakim-ness *grins* :p

Moving on,Tirzah is back from NS for a short while.OMGEE.we have so much to update each other ! ;D My phone was dead in the morning,but daddy was kind enough to reload the credit for me.OH WAIT.He did help me ;using my own MONEY *stares at Daddy* -.- My camera is all fixed now.YAY ! ;D HELLO,CAMWHOREEEEE ! *squint eyes* ;]

Chatted with Ashew and Sofeya the ninja roller.UH.Gone HIGHed like some retards talking about Nickhun :p and Ninjaaaaaa thingy.AHAHAHAHA.GHEYNESS 8D Am going out with the girlfriends for another karaoke session at Greenbox tomorrow.

There goes my voice again.HAHA ! *laughshard* xD

I should really restrained myself from going online too much :| I mean,glued to the computer is BAD enough for my eyesight *sulks* D: Went to Centrepoint today morning.LOL.nothing much really.Just felt nostalgic.Used to go there with my friends before tuition classes.

Can't believe I'm 18 now.Lulz.RANDOM :B

Regarding my driving license,Mummy said I'm going to take it end of this month.yaaaaaaaaay ! :) Okeh.I'm seriously hyped now.and LOOK ! it's already 1 a.m ! :p and by the way,if i happened to call you sayang,it means you are a VERY dear friend of mine ;) so dont misunderstood alright?

Trust me,i have countless sayang(s) *TEEHEE* :D

Planning of organizing a reunion party for my former Form Five class.I wonder when? Hmmph *scratch head* D: and I want to go out with Danny and ze gang ! :) CHUA ! AH NING ! BRYANT ! LEE HSIANG! KU ! *batting eyelashes* :p not to be forgotten those I've never go out with before.Jesseca Long ! I SO OWED YOU AN OUTING BABEEEEE !! random.

But yeah,I missed my prefect friends lah omg.HSK prefect gathering is next two weeks.I want to go ! -.- Oh well.My glory days are over.Still,I felt very content at the moment.Thank you to those that always made my day Seriously,I used to feel so mellow at times I'm alone,but not anymore.Menning is always there for me,that's for sure.and Danny too.Not to be forgotten,my girlfriends.


I've just realized something.People that read my blog doesnt like to spam my chatbox.In other words,I dont know that THOSE people actually READ MY BLOG.As Sofeya put it,SO SUH-CAH-REH :'D but thank you really,I feel happy that I can actually share something with the world.Heee :)

STILL chatting with Hakim now.ISH.MSN is effin' SLOW -___________- I'm going to turn into HULK soon D: Breaking news : Din Beramboi just passed away.Al-Fatihah )': Another loss to the Malaysian Entertainment Industry.Hurrmm.Deaths are happening everywhere nowadays.

Cycle Of Life.can do nothing about it :)

Out of the topic : I've set few goals for this month.Let see whether I can achieve all or not.Plus,it involved usage of energy.and IQ.LOOOOOL xD Going to harass Ryan again soon.TEEHEE 8D oh,I think I'm broke already T__T ISH.Congrats to Sofeya for passing her JPJ owed me a ride ! MEHEHEHE *ninja rolls* 8D



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