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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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mushroom oh mushroom.
Wednesday, April 28, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Photo of friendship c:

In case,if you dont know,those who went to serve NS for the second batch are back for a one week holiday.For what occasion,I dont know.Heck,I dont even care.I'm just so happy right now because the girl friend ; Tirzah Yeo is back.Had loads of fun chatting with her yesterday.I miss her dearly and I definitely had loads of things to tell her :) She's currently not feeling well at the moment.Aww )': Get well soon,sayang ! :D

I went shopping for my braces stuffs excited ! :D This has been a year now since I wore my braces.I am definitely getting used to it c: Although wearing braces is quite troublesome,but LOL,people who wears braces are,I am AWESOME :b

Currently chatting with Loceng.Aite.She is loves ! :) Am so looking forward to see her next Sunday :3 Weeh ! :D I've become super envious at her because she got a white guitar from her mum.Bell,ihatechu c: *envy*

Her smile made my day :)

This is us trying to talk in rojak BM.

Speaking of white,yes the colour white has become my favourite colour now.along with the colour colour red.the combination of both colour are just so strong and gave a powerful impact to me.I dont know why :) but yay red and white !! :] Bell told me not to be over expressive since I really tend to expose things that I dont intend to say here *opss* Miahaeee D:

Okeh.Will be more decent now :)

The preparation of going to college is doing great.I'm going to school tomorrow to have all the documents for the registration certified by my former principal.Cant wait to see her again.She's a very nice lady,trust me :D I'm looking forward to see Shasta the makcik also.CEH :p Will be having farewell outings with my friends on Tuesday.oh and pool session at AC.Someone gonna go HIGHed again !! ^^ Ahahaha.My cats are really annoying.They really get on my nerves sometimes -_- Ugh.

LOL.Pimples are popping up on my face like mushrooms after rain ( credits to Jas Min for this) I need a solution.What should I do? Should I go to the dermatologist? :O Haih.Think fast Atika.Think fast.Anyways,I've deleted my MySpace,Hi5,Friendster and Twitter accounts.Like finally.Will open a new one if there's request for it :D

Now I shall check on my happy pills.Hope they are doing great :)