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Monday, April 19, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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We is ze awesome :B

*sweep dust*
*echo echo echo*

I am still does this blog *shoot laser from braces* >:D

I was away at Shah Alam for three freaking days.Not complaining,just letting you know why I was M.I.A,that's all.LOL. (like anyone noticed that I left) the four infamous alphabets are already my favourite alphabets for now.Forgive me.I'm just emotionally unstable for the time being.

Okay,maybe not.

So,i have done all the documentations to bring along to Pahang.All I need now are the copies of my parents' identity cards and also my own.Oh,I need to open a new bank account.Now,it's CIMB Bank Account just for the application of the PTPN Loan.God knows how much I hate waiting -__- *annoyed* ISH.

Just so you know,I have list of outings lining up for me before I leave for Pahang.

[ ] April 23rd : Pool session@Sunway Pyramid with Jesseca and the gang :D
[ ] April 26th : Bowling@Klang Parade with the anak dara(s) :D
[ ] April 30th : Starbucks@Aeon Bukit Raja with Su Vien and the gang :D
[ ] May 1st : Leo IU Day (still undecided)
[ ] May 2nd : Movie@Aeon Bukit Raja with Alex and the gang :D
[ ] May 5th : Party@Sunway Lagoon with Cherrie and the gang :D
[ ] May 6th : Greenbox@Aeon Bukit Tinggi with the kakis :D
[ ] May 7th : Double date@Aeon Bukit Tinggi with Sammy and the guys :D
[ ] May 8th : Triple date@IOI Mall with Loceng and Adrian :D
[ ] May 11th : Dental appointment.HOHOHO.Sca-reh :B
[ ] May 15th : Nando's @Aeon Bukit Raja with Amanda and the cliques :D

In case if you're wondering,the gang means there few other people taging along.I'm just lazy to type out their names.Eheh.Sorry ah.So yeah.There you go.I am basically all packed.But i guess I can squeeze in few more outings.I'm pretty sure that my mum will kill me if she see the list.AHAHAHA :B Anyways,I finally got the chance to talk to my sister today.and she told me a bandwagon of stories when I was away.

Guess what?

she was pissed off (literally) because everyone still thought that she's ATIKA SIKUN ( Me is ATIKA SIKUN) *TEEHEE* :p How I miss prefects' gathering now.I wish there's a way where I can go to one of the gatherings.Haih *emo emo* Psh.and somehow,my sister's statement proved that I am still popular amongst Klang people.

*fan self* LOL.sorry.I was just being vain =P Slapped me now,Larissa.

Conferencing with the kakis now ; Hakim,Larissa,Sarah and the newest member,Jarud! WELCOME TO ZE CLUB,buddeh 8D Now that I got back my HYPER-O-METER back,I shall tell all of you in my proper manner of well,blogging.Heee ;D

*drumrolls* READY? >:D

I GOT RM250 for my Tokoh Nilam award !!! *bigbigrins* :D oh,and the total books I read for last year was 548 books.AHAHAHAHA.yesh,I am very proud of myself.and I'm officially rich the moment :] The to-buy-list before I go to Pahang is still with the big boss (mum) so yeah.Hopefully she will approved EVERYTHING I requested.EHEH.

Anyways,did you hear the news? I am getting a SONY VAIO soon !! *square dance* thank you,mummy Are you jealous? NO ? Haha.ftw lah omg.even Ash has a Macbook. *envy envy* -.-" Okeh.

Are you bored already? (Say NO :p)

Wait.there's something more.During the conversations with the kakis earlier,I've came across this new term (thanks to Jarud) which is GLEEK.GLEEK is what we called the hardcore fan of GLee :D Are you ay GLEEK? I am,in a way.Although I didnt get to watch it often.but HEH *shrugs* 8D

My sexy MP3 is sick.Some defect with the earphone.AISH.I so need a new earphone.FAST ! I am dying to listen to McFly and well,all the songs I have in it D': MEEEEEH.Headache.I need musics.SERIOUSLY.A ya,I've placed back the missing comment space under the is SAY WHAT? :D go and write something there if you're too lazy to spam my cbox *coughADRIANcough* :P

Okay,I'm done updating.

Time to hit the bed nao.


yay for the LONG post !!!! ♥

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