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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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something that you don't know.
Friday, April 9, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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height doesn't really matter actually :D

That was random.

Yes,I'm back in the blogging mood.Been down for the past few days for some reason.Anyways,I'm all better now.Thank to those who have been consoling me continuously after the death of my dearest grandpa (: Thank you.Especially to the happy pills.

All of you made my day ! ♥ ♥ ♥

Back now to update all of you about EVERYTHING 8D Anyways,rumor has it that the result for UPU are out.I dont know whether it's true or not,but right now I dont give a damn about it anymore.It really ticks me off entirely thinking about it.and yesterday,I cried thinking that I did not get the interview to sign up for Mass Comm ; the only ideal course for me.

and the infamous four letters word slipped out from my mouth immediately.

I was so frustrated that I feel like cursing someone.Which in my case now,I'd rather keep quiet than lashing out my emotions in this blog.Yes,I do want to be optimistic.I really do.I mean,who doesn't right? :) Told my good friends about it,they seemed to understand.My mom now kept on telling me that God has decided that I am taking TESL after all -__- Oh well.Dan Ng was being helpful by suggesting me the way to sign in for Mass Comm at other Local University.HOHOHOHOHO >:D okay.I have no idea why am I excited now.HEE.

I met Syakila today.Looking gorgeous than ever ! Update each other as usual.Glad she's doing well in college now :) Kumon was okay.Got freaked out because Enya (she's 4.My youngest student) cried suddenly.We were kinda freaked out.LOL.Luckily her sisters were there to calm her down ;D The JPA interviews has being on going from Monday.and although I didnt get to go for the interview,I'm happy for the friends whom went through the interview succesfully.Kudos to all of you ! :)

I couldnt find any ortho toothbrush on sale.EXTREMELY PISSED.Don't know how on earth should i buy a new one -_- The current one are already giving out problems.CEH.Shall go ortho toothbrush hunting soon! xDDD A sudden though slipped into my mind.I miss talking to someone.EW.Sofeya slapped me NOW ! :p Okay,fine I admit,I do miss talking to him lah omg.Oh well.He's happy even by NOT talking to me,i guess.LOL.Shizz.I'm not THAT important to him also. *perasan* EWWW.Sofeya slapped me harder now !! :ppp I'm outta of luck,i think :/

The only way to cheer me up is always by talking to my friends.Yes,i do feel happy.

Am currently chatting with Larrisa,Joy and Hakim.Lost as usual as I chatted with them.HAHA.It was fun,really.and I think all my vocabulary I used here are infecting everyone.* ninja rolls* 8D I'm ze awesome fag xD

Going for dental appointment tomorrow.Will be getting a new braces (hopefully) Hee.I'll post up the pictures soon,alrighty?A ya. my trip to Morib today.Fetched my sister and her friends to Morib after their Forum competition at Hishamudin Kampung Jawa.I was steaming throughout the journey there.SO HOT !! D: Plus,it was an one hour journey.YOU CAN EAT ME IF YOU WANT TOO :p

Will be away now.Time to hit the bed.

All I need now is MORE LUCK and my lovelies :]

The LOL conversation with the lovelies ; Bell and Zaty :3

Illama is KEWL.Like totalleh meh.

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